FILM REVIEW: Spider-man: Homecoming

Since 2002 the recreation of Spider-man for the big screen has been a topic of contention.

From Toby Maguire’s trilogy, which came to a rocky end, to Andrew Garfield’s attempt which gave birth to a white Jamie Fox, the web slinger has received mixed reactions.

So when Tom Holland’s take on the friendly neighbourhood superhero popped up in Captain America: Civil War the buzz started to build once more.

This excitement turned into a return home for spidey, this was the first Marvel studio production with the whiz kid teenager.

spidey 1

Any apprehension surrounding Jon Watts film, are wiped away within the first 20 minutes, when we see an eager Peter Parker keeping a video diary of everything he is doing an you relax into the film.

Spider-man: Homcoming does something very clever, it is not a reboot or yet another origin story, it is Peter Parker’s story.

Tussling with school, romance and the fact he can walk up walls, Holland executes the role perfectly.

What makes this version of Spider-man feel different is thought that has gone into the story and the respect it seems to have for the comics.

Watts villain Adrian Toomes (played by the much rejuvenated Michael Keaton) is based from the comic book Damage Control, about the underpaid, overworked schmoes charged with cleaning up the mess made by superhero battles.


This gives birth to Keaton’s winged thief AKA The Vulture, who has certainly been given a 2017 upgrade, but despite being one of the Marvel universes most deadly bad guys, he is effective for this story as he just wants to make a quick buck.

It is Parker’s enthusiasm / naivety which gets him into trouble, but this is a journey of discovery for Parker, to find out his limits and to see how far he will go to get the bad guy.

With many Marvel films, the action is layered with humour – and the standard Stan Lee cameo – but unlike some previous MU films the jokes flow naturally in Homecoming, with Parker’s best friend Ned (Jacob Batalon) providing a lot of the light relief.

The characters and scenarios are familiar, but this is a loose, cool, funny remix that makes them feel fresh again.

This is a welcome return for the web slinger and it has much promise for future story lines which spidey fans have been begging for.





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