Single Mothers announce second full-length

After spending the best part of a year mulling around Ontario Canada, gritty punk band Single Mothers have now decided would be as good a time as any announce their second full-length.

The new record Our Pleasure, is set to be released on June 16 via Big Scary Monsters.

As part of the announcement the band has shared the opening track from the record ‘Undercover’ which is a mix-mash of religious banter and societal reflection from an outsider perspective..

Drew Thomson tried to find his place in the “real life grind” through a variety of odd jobs.

Ultimately, this exercise only strengthened his prolific and innate need to create and in no time, he was back in the studio.

However, when they went to record the band didn’t have any songs or enough band members, but that was a familiar mess and they welcomed it—each Single Mothers release has had a different line-up.

“I look at Single Mothers now more as a vessel that I’m happy to be riding in, or an apartment that people come to visit and leave little things behind in,” Thomson explains.

“A couple beers or a shirt, or a poster on the wall, and those things build up and either make a home or just a pile of junk. It’s up to us to decide.”




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