Jordan Peele may be better known for his part as half of the comedy duo Key & Peele, but his directorial debut is no laughing matter.

Get Out is an uncomfortable satire on racism and how middle class liberals deal with the issue of race.

The basic premise of the film is boy meets girl, girl takes boy to meet parents and well the rest has been told in many different films in a variety of different ways.

However, with Get Out the narrative follows Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) a young black man, who is about to meet his white girlfriend, Rose’s (Allison Williams) parents, asking the question that shouldn’t even matter in today’s society “do they know I’m Black?”

From the moment they arrive at the Arimtage house, Chris feels on edge seeing a black grounds keeper and black house maid, but after dinner the awkwardness of the family really starts to show.

The balance Peele shows between normal family interaction to, what on the surface can be perceived as silly, being hypnotised. The director is placing every layer of his film for a reason.

Throughout the film there is a constant sense of unease, and it is not until Chris starts to piece together what is really going on that the penny drops and for the last 20 minutes of the film you are holding your breath.

Get Out is a social thriller which doesn’t let up, it suggests that even when a person swears that they treat everyone the same, there is difference, because the experience of a black person is different from that of a white person.

There are laughs to be had along the way (you’d expect nothing less from Peele), but for a directorial debut this is an incredible statement to make and one that is made in such a brilliant way.




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