Del Paxton release third single from upcoming full-length


Channelling the mid-’90s Midwest emo sound, Buffalo, New York’s Del Paxton look set to spread their wings with the release of the debut full-length record.

With the imminent release of All Day, Every Day, All Night via Topshelf records, the band has released a new track off the forth coming record just to wet the appetite of their fans.

The three piece began to drop onto people’s radars following the release of their six track EP titled Worst. Summer. Ever. back in 2013.

All Day, Every Day, All Night, the Buffalo band’s debut album, is a collection of material written between 2013-2015, and is a reflection on their upstate New York punk scene upbringing, drawing nostalgic influence from bands they grew up watching like Polar Bear Club and Fire When Ready while still retaining a contemporary feel.

You can listen to the latest track ‘Wrong Distance’ below.

The record will come out on Topshelf on March 3.


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