FILM REVIEW: T2 Trainspotting

Picture the scene. You return to your home city of Edinburgh after being away 20 years and come to find like you, things have ages. But not necessarily everything.

The words “Hello Mark,So what have you been up to… for twenty years?” which leave Sick Boy’s (Jonny Lee Miller) mouth are a question fans of Danny Boyle’s original film have been asking for the past two decades.

T2: Trainspotting is a film that many never thought would happen, especially with the well publicised falling out between director and leading man Ewan McGregor (Renton) but here we are in 2017, visiting some old friends.

And to the cast and directors credit, it feels like the film needed those 20 years to breath and come back to it with older eyes.

Renton returns to Edinburgh, a city he left with a share of his former best friends cash, as his life takes a turn for the worse. As the film goes on the old gang is slowly rebuilt.

Firstly Renton visits Spud (Ewen Bremner) with a plastic bag around his head looking to end his miserable existence as a smack head, only to be saved at the last minute – which leads to a blast of vomit everywhere.

Then there is Sick Boy who is trying to use blackmail to make ends met, and finally Begbie (Robert Carlyle), locked up inside but with a stomach churning way of getting out of prison, still holding a bitter grudge over what Renton did to him.

t2Most of the narrative plays of the very fragile friendship of between Renton and Sick Boy, but it is Spud who steals the show pulling on the heart strings with his lovable idiot routine.

There are various nods to the originally film, Renton smiling at the driver of a car which nearly hits him and the “Choose Life” speech are particular standouts, but T2 is no means a re-hash of what we have already seen.

One scene which really hits home for any fan of the original is when Renton and Begbie are finally reunited. A nod to the famous toilet cubical imagery which made Trainspotting so iconic is re-visited as the pair realise who the person in the adjacent cubical is. With a perfectly timed C-bomb from Carlyle the chase is then on.

Even though T2 is very much a squeal and does refer to the original, Boyle has done very well at making this a stand alone feature. It may not have some of the shock factor or the iconic moments of the first film, but the real question is was 20 years worth the wait? In our opinion most certainly.



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