LIVE REVIEW: Galactic Empire @ The Joiners, Southampton, February 2, 2017


IT APPEARS that the force us strong in Southampton, so it was down to the dark lord Darth Vader and his band of villains to ensure the Joiners joined the Dark Side.

From the moment Star Wars themed metal band Galactic Empire set foot on stage, and Rebels left in the room were soon dealt with, as the face melting riffs coming from Vader’s guitar could help by hypnotise the audience. 

When the five-piece launched into the Imperial March, Vader himself was getting into the music his band were producing and he knew he was doing the Emperor proud.

It wasn’t just the riffs which made Galactic Empire a mesmerising spectacle, but the pure showmanship of the band. The audience witnessed a member of the crowd being force choked for being a rebel, a false start of the Death Star and a light sabre battle in the crowd.

The show was a celebration of the band’s debut self-titled album, which is part of their propaganda to take over the universe, playing their unique of the renditions of the Cantina Band, the Force Theme and The Throne Room: End Title songs.

One thing is for certain, John Williams may have created some of the most iconic songs for films, and Galactic Empire’s take on these classics is testament to the great man’s work.

However, I will no longer be able to hear these iconic songs without Boba Sett’s double kick pummelling away.

So if you ever need to have an ear to ear smile put on your face, go check out Galactic Empire, you won’t regret it.


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