FILM REVIEW: Blair Witch

The whole concept of “found footage” films is a bit of a marmite subject. For horror films it seems to be the go to formula for many directors – think about it, its pretty easy to use and tell a liner story.

ciclesThe question is how do you keep this type of film making fresh? Answer you keep up with technology.

In the new Blair Witch film this is exactly what they have done, the idea of having ear-cams on the main characters does detract from the question of ‘Why are they still filming?’ as they could be recording at any time.

However, when it comes to story this reboot of the 1999 story does some what lack in the shock factor.
woodwalkinggif1blairThis version directed by Adam Wingard, follows James (James Allen McCune) trying to find answers about his sister Heather’s disappearance – she was part of the original Blair Witch crew.  

With friends Peter (Brandon Scott), Ashley (Corbin Reid) and love interest Lisa (Callie Hernandez) in toe, the crew head to that very same forest in a bid to find Heather and see if the rumours of the Blair Witch are true. 

Joined by their ‘tour-guides’ Lane (Wes Robinson) and Talia (Valorie Curry) the spooks begin as night falls. And that is exactly all they are spooks. 

Even though the film comes under the genre of Horror, there is no real horrific elements to the film – maybe the snapping of the witchcraft branches the gang wake up to and has deadly consequences for one cast member – it just has the gentle jumpiness of a gentle cattle prodding.

Even with the new technology at their disposal the film seems a little bit lazy – there is a whole 10 minute scene where the script is someone screaming Ashley.

screen-shot-2016-09-18-at-21-38-16         As the finale builds Wingard pays tribute to the 1999 cult classic, with the same house and near identical shots, but what is lacking is that killer edge – pun intended.

When it comes to the crunch, Blair Witch leaves the audience feeling a little bit flat, there is not real character development and when they inevitably die viewers don’t really care.



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