Turnstile set to release new four-track EP


Following the success of last year’s ‘Nonstop feelings’ Turnstile have been picking up traction with their 90’s rooted hardcore sound.

Ahead of starting work on their debut release through Roadrunner Records, the four-piece from Baltimore have unleashed a blistering four track EP.

The new EP ‘Move Thru Me’ is just another example of the bands grooves and shout-along choruses which they seem to have mastered in such a short time period.

Speaking to  NPR the band said: ‘It felt really good making these songs.

‘There’s so many inspiring individuals creating things or just being humans, and this singles EP was just a reflection on the importance of letting those things or people just inspire you and experiencing things fully; no physical, sexual, musical genre, world barriers.’

‘Move Thru Me’ is set to be released on September 16, through Turnstile’s own label Pop Wig.

The record will also feature a cover of Give’s ‘Fuck Me Blind.’

You can listen to side A of ‘Move Thru Me’ Below:


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