FILM REVIEW: Sausage Party

From the opening scene of Sausage Party you could easily be mistaken thinking you were watching a Pixar film. But it doesn’t take very long for the tone to change and you remember you are watching an animated film made by Seth Rogen.

With any Rogen film it is rife with with drug references and robustly filthy gags, all with background noise of “this was probably made while I was baked.”

The idea of Sausage Party is clever – think Toy Story but with food – it follows the journey of Frank the Sausage (Rogen) and his Bun girlfriend Brenda (Kristen Wiig) who want to go to the Great Beyond like all other foods and wish to be picked by the Gods (humans) only to find out the Great Beyond is not all it’s cracked up to be.

But after the idea the film almost runs out of steam as soon as French Mustard (Danny McBride) takes a turn for the worse and commits suicide.

carlSausage Party’s over-reliance on shock tactics and crude racial stereotypes really detracts from the story line, and at points completely puts the audience off – Having a Hitler-esque sauerkraut yell “Exterminate the juice!” within the first 15 minutes of the films is a little too close to the knuckle.

The one saving grace is the amount of food puns thrown into the mix but a juiced=up Douche (Nick Kroll) but apart from the film is a few Sausages short of a party.




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