FILM REVIEW: David Brent: Life on the Road

Like many people I think when it came to a film about David Brent, I was very sceptical. Not only because I felt the character I had fallen in love with 15 years prior had run its course, but also as it just seemed like creator Ricky Gervais flexing his muscle.

However, the outcome is very different, and right from the opening 10 minutes you are already in floods of laughter and gasps of shock.

Audiences have seen the highs and lows of Brent’s life, in this next step Gervais takes the former Wernham Hogg boss to a whole new level as he tries to make it big with his band Forgone Conclusion.

The awkward traits of Brent are still present in abundance, none more so than the constant remarks of having a Black friend in rapper Dom Johnson (Doc Brown), but there are times when Gervais over does the Brentisms.

DBAnd that is the criticism which looms over the film as Brent and the band hit the road, with the odd genuine chuckle overshadowed by Gervais trying to push the envelope that little bit too far.

With Life on the Road there is that huge sense of revisiting an old friend one last time in the hopes of success, and Gervais and Brent do seem to be one and the same, which is why he slips so seamlessly back into the role and in true Brent style will be unexpectedly tugging at the audiences heart strings.

The songs which fuel the journey (written by ex-Razorlight frontman Andy Burrows) do provide the main laughs, but with the subject matter of many of them pushing the boundaries a little bit it does make you feel a little bit guilty to be laughing at them.

Though a feature length David Brent may not have been the complete train wreck many has suspected it is a long way from becoming a cult classic like the TV series its leading man spawned from has become,




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