FILM REVIEW: Suicide Squad

The landscape of superhero films was drastically changed following the success of Deadpool. After critics slammed Batman v Superman  DC and Warner Brothers must have been hoping their group of rag-tag villains in Suicide Squad  would be that something a bit more edgy for audiences to get their teeth into.

However, in reality it falls a little bit flat. With a plethora of kick-ass bad guys, DC should have the monopoly over Marvel when it comes to films surrounded by villains, but for some reason they continue to miss the mark.

For a film that has been highly marketed around Jared Leto as the Joker, there was very little screen time for the clown king, who many thought would be the main antagonist in this film, instead he is quite the bit part player.

A lot of the main focus is around Deadshot (Will Smith) and the assassin for hire’s human nature to do good by his daughter. Ok yes it is a story hook, but when you are expecting bad guys kicking into other bad guys, this isn’t what I as a comic book lover or a film goer had expected.


Two things that do keep people grip are the little quips of Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), who despite being overly sexualised does actually move the story line along nicely.

But the true diamond in the rough is Diablo (Jay Hernandez) whose internal struggle is something director David Ayer really should have played more on.

When it comes to the true antagonist of the piece, Enchantress ( Cara Delevingne), who on the surface looks creepy as hell, but when here true power is revealed a very bad case of poor CGI just takes away any menace of the character.

Her motives are rather questionable as well, and the story to hunt her down seems to be very rushed, with the cameras deciding to focus more on the budding bromace bewteen Deadshot and Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman).


There is a sense that Ayer is playing into the likeability of Smtih, and can even be perceived as a bit of an ego stroke for the actor.

For a film that had the potential to put DC films on the map and as a true contender to Marvel, but on this evidence they still have a long way to go.



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