INTERVIEW: Damon Moser



Picture by Rob Brazier 

In the last couple of years British wrestling has really come to the forefront once more, and with more and more emerging talent on cards, young wrestlers are looking at carving a path for themselves.

One such competitor is Damon Moser, who with the mantra ‘Moser vs Everybody’ is ready to take on any comers anywhere.

Since the turn of the year Moser has made 2016 his year, and Just and Insight had the opportunity to catch up with the master of the kneetrembler to discuss his ambitions of chasing singles gold, representing Projo around the country and going to war with Nathan Cruz.

moser v everbody

Picture by Rob Brazier

Having watched professional wrestling from an early age, it didn’t take Moser long to pursue a career in the industry and sign up to the now infamous Projo.


On his training Moser told JAI: ‘It was tough, but considering the success a lot of us are getting now, it shows how good the training is if applied correctly.

‘All trainers have different strengths, but all have excellent fundamental skills which have been drilled into us.’

He added: ‘Still to this day they are very critical of us, especially with the little things that fans wouldn’t necessarily notice, which is what I need to keep getting better, so I’m very grateful for all of them.’

Being part of the training school which has produced so much talent already shows the quality of the trainers, and being a former Progress Wrestling tag-team champion, a Natural Progression Series Finalist and competing in the Super Strong Style 16 tournament, Moser is considered by many as the most successful graduate of the Projo.

‘I’ve honestly never looked at it like that,’ the grappler continues.

‘If anything it’s outside of Progress where I feel I have to live up to the reputation the Projo has, but it’s not something I’ve really worried about. I just try my best not to be rotten.’

Moser was part of the successful faction the Faceless which held the Progress tag-team shields, but after being kicked out of the group it led to a feud with one of the members of the Origin and his former tag partner Nathan Cruz.

con chair

Picture by Rob Brazier

At the recent chapter show 5000-1, the pair went to war and even though Moser may not have picked up the three count he knows things aren’t over.

‘It might never truly end,’ Moser told JAI

‘Occasionally we’ll go to war and batter each other. Which I’m fine with.’

He added: ‘I enjoyed being part of the group (Faceless), although I am glad I don’t have to wear a mask anymore.

‘Never say never (to tag-team wrestling) but I prefer being a singles wrestler, and want to get singles gold instead. But who knows what the future holds.’

Having seen Pastor William Eaver claim the Progress title, Moser now has his sights firmly set on gaining his own singles gold and plans to take the ‘Moser vs Everybody’ mentality around the globe.

‘I’d like to think that I can fit that mentality into any promotion,’ said Moser as he looks to the future.

‘Paul Robinson is currently on top of my list of desired opponents. I’d love to get in the ring with Wild Boar again as well.

‘My main focus now is to eventually become a player in the title picture.’








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