INTERVIEW: Jack Sexsmith


Picture by Rob Brazier

In wrestling there are many athletes who divide audiences, but in the UK scene no one splits a crowd quite like the sexually frivolous, morally ambiguous Jack Sexsmith.

A bit like marmite, Sexsmith has his adoring public, but has also baffled some of wrestling’s most hardened fans.

That being said Sexsmith can get the job done in the ring and has started to gain a reputation as one of the UK’s top workers.

Just an Insight caught up with Deadpool of the wrestling world after his performance in front of a sold out electric ballroom at Progress Chapter 32 to talk about his sexual magnitude, his desire to become a champion and the potential of a ménage à trois with Progress co-owner Jim Smallman.

Sexsmith’s road into wrestling started off a bit rocky after having his knee replaced, but then he trained the the now infamous Projo and has not looked back since.

Cm0Jlc-UMAEnBrZ‘I started wrestling several years ago under the tutorship of former FWA champ Justin Richards,’ Sexsmith told JAI.

‘He was sensational at training technique and mat work. I had my knee replaced and took some years away from wrestling but when I was fit enough, I knew that Progress was the only place I wanted to train.

‘Since there studying under the likes of Jimmy Havoc, Darrell Allen, Eddie Dennis and James Davis had been a revelation. It took me from someone solid to someone who could entertain and tell a story.’

One thing that Sexsmith wears on his sleeve is his sexuality, and being pansexual he wasn’t sure how the wrestling world would accept him, but they have welcomed him in with open arms, and he has particularly taken a shine to Jim Smallman – trying to kiss him every time they are in the ring together.

Sexsmith added: ‘Being pansexual isn’t easy and you find yourself having a choice as to whether you conceal your social abnormalities or embrace them.

‘I’d rather be mocked for being me than liked for being someone I’m not. My sexuality doesn’t define me but it’s a huge part of who I am and makes me different in the wrestling world.

‘I’ve been overwhelmed with how accepted I’ve been made to feel.’

When talking of his attraction to the Progress co-owner he said: ‘Tragically he’s heterosexual and a monogamist, who is very happy in his respective relationship, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

‘He’s hot and his Mrs is a worldy too so who knows? Potential ménage à trois on the cards for when she’s done being pregnant.’

Inside the ring Sexsmith has gained the love and admiration of the Progress faithful as well as across the whole UK independent scene, and in his relativity short career he has achieved quite a lot, from competing in the recent Natural Progression series to answering Roy Johnson’s Wasteman challenge, as well as hold a victory over Rob Lynch – by Rohypnol – among his highlights.

One thing is for certain when it comes to Sexsmith, he likes to have run inside the squared circle, but his shenanigans have led to some fans believing it has cost him victory.

‘I wouldn’t say they cost me,’ continues Sexsmith

‘They’re a big part of my game plan. Some of my opponents are stronger than me, some faster, some technically superior, so I need to have something in the bank to compete.

‘The last thing people are expecting in a fight is to have their sexuality questioned, it throws them and I use it to my advantage.

‘Sometimes I get carried away with all the fun I’m having and that’s where it’s cost me but I wouldn’t change a thing.’


Picture by Rob Brazier

More recently Sexsmith has become involved in a heated feud with the South Pacific Power Couple, TK Cooper and Dahlia Black. When asked if he would like to turn Cooper into his next gimp Sexsmith said: ‘Fuck that guy! He doesn’t even deserve to be my gimp. I respect my gimp.

‘This is a guy who takes pleasure in attacking women and hides under the guise of ‘protecting his girlfriend’.

‘He’s a coward and it would give me great pleasure to help Mr Cocko find out what his oesophagus tastes like.’

Despite his in ring antics Sexsmith has ambitions  to go to the top and he also has a bucket list of people he would like Mr Cocko to meet.

He said: ‘Obviously to be a champion is up there. I think most people’s dream is to make enough money doing something they love to dedicate their time to it. In the short term I just want to raise my stock and realise my potential.

‘As far as facing talent goes, I’d love to be in the ring with the likes of Nathan Cruz, Paul Robinson and Sha Samuels. Sensational wrestlers.’

Sexsmith promises to continue to question the wrestling worlds sexuality and said he will aim to keep things clean with regular visits to the clinic.



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