FILM REVIEW: Money Monster

The financial market is as hot a topic as it has ever been, and the cinematic world is taking full advantage of that fact.

With the successes of the Wolf of Wall Street and Get Short, it was no surprise that another film would follow suit.

However, Money Monster isn’t just a film about financial woe, it is a bum squeaking thriller of the highest calibre.

Jodie Foster’s fourth film in the directors chair, sees popular finance show Money Monster hijacked by a gun waving lunatic who has lost everything and is blaming the shows host Lee Gates (George Clooney).

MoneyMonsterThis is a film which is filled with the anger of one man, Kyle Budwell (played by the sensational Jack O’Connell), and you get a sense this anger could be reciprocated by many of its audience members.

Most of the films air time is filled by the pair of Clooney and O’Connell and as the pair try to unravel what went wrong, they also discover more about each other and how they can help each other.

Even though this may be the story of a hostage situation, on of the films key players is Julia Roberts character producer Patty Fenn, who plays the puppet master of the piece. Even though they are never in the same room, Roberts orchestrates all of Clooney’s movements via an ear piece.

This face paced, entertaining, thriller may not necessarily offer up anything particularly new in the grand scheme of things – people with money get greedy until they get caught, then run for the hills to cover it up – but what Money Monster does offer up is an intense journey of one mans attempt to stand up for the little guy.




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