INTERVIEW: Jake McCluskey


Having stepped inside the squared circle for the first time at the age of 14, Jake McCluskey is considered one of the youngest veterans in British wrestling.

The man who has earned himself the name Mr Moonsault has seen first hand the rise of the UK wrestling scene, and is now set to further stamp his mark on it.

Just an Insight managed to catch up with McCluskey during his busy schedule to talk about not being known as a one trick pony, competing in the King of Flight tournament and holding a pin-full victory over Finlay.

Having competed for almost every promotion that has sprung up around this country, McCluskey has a wealth of experience behind him, which the Moonsault king believes puts him at an advantage against opponents of a similar age who are not so experienced.

IMG_1805‘It’s crazy really because I forget myself how long I’ve been around wrestling but it has been my life,’ McCluskey told Just an Insight.

‘It’s cool to have so much experience at such a young age.

‘I watched wrestling from a very young age and was obsessed. Then at the age of 12 I began researching schools and found the FWA:Academy .

‘I waited until my 13th birthday and then signed up.’

McCluskey added: ‘The UK scene was very quiet when I started and there weren’t many promotions around. Now it has become pretty big in the UK and it’s getting bigger and better.’

When he broke on to the scene, McCluskey wanted to have something to stand out from the crowd, so the Mr Moonsalut gimmick was born.

However, as the years have passed and the industry has developed he was wanted to step away from being known for one move.

‘The Mr Moonsault gimmick came about to make me stand out from being generic but nowadays I’m trying to steer away from that and not be known as a one trick pony,’ added the high-flyer.

‘The wrestling world is getting bigger and bigger, and I would really like to have the opportunity to wrestle all over the world.

‘Obviously WWE, NJPW, ROH and Evolve are top of the list for places I want to be but we will see what the future holds.’

Despite his young age, McCluskey has already achieved a lot in the wrestling industry.

Beating WWE legend Finlay at just 19-years-old, competing in the recent Hope Wrestling King of Flight tournament and the rise of the tag team he is apart of with Bruce Sterling – the British Young Bloods – are to name a few recent highlights in his career.

McCluskey told Just an Insight: ‘The Kings Of Flight tournament was a big highlight in my career so far. It was awesome to be surrounded by 16 of the greatest high flyers.

IMG_2432‘Wrestling Finlay was such a great experience especially at the age of 19. Not many people can say they’ve shared a ring with Finlay and not only that but pick up the victory too.’

Even though he is considered a bit of a veteran in the ring, there is no stopping McCluskey just yet.

But McCluskey is certainly looking to the future, and having previously been a trainer at Varsity Pro Wrestling, Mr Moonsalut admits this is definitely something he wants to get back into at a later date.

McCluskey continues: ‘Teaching is something I really enjoyed and was very passionate about and one day I hope to do it again.

‘It’s great to give back to wrestling.’ .



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