WWE hall of famer arrested on assault charge

the king

Jerry Lawler, left, and his fiance Lauryn McBride. Picture from MPD

Wrestling legend and WWE commentator Jerry ‘the King’ Lawler has been arrested accused of domestic assault.

The 66-year-old and his fiancé Lauryn McBride, 27, were arrested by Memphis Police Department and placed in Shelby County jail at 1am local time today.

Reports state that the two were involved in a violent confrontation at Lawler’s home in St Nick Drive, East Memphis.

The WWE hall of famer’s fiancé claimed the former in-ring competitor struck her in the head and pushed her against the stove putting a gun on the counter saying ‘go ahead and kill yourself’.

Lawler told police the argument started when McBride lied about where she’d been.

He said McBride scratched him in the face, threw a candle at him, and kicked him in the groin. He said she was drunk when she told him she knew where the gun was and threatened to kill herself.

Memphis police officers were unable to determine the primary aggressor in the case, so they arrested both McBride and Lawler.








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