Temples Festival cancelled a week ahead of the event


For the past two years Temples Festival has been an must date on the calender for any heavy music fans in the UK.

Bring over bands like Amenra, Electric Wizard, Converge and Sunn O ))) to name a few, and this year was set to be another big year for the young festival with The Melvins and Mayhem playing ‘De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas’ in full.

However, as the days counted down towards the opening to the festival, it seems not everything so going as smoothly as it appeared on the surface.

Within quick succession both Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Weekend Nachos pulled out of their allotted time slots at the festival and earlier today organisers of the fest made the tough decision to cancel the whole show.

In a statement on the festival’s Facebook page by organiser Francis Mace said :’Our ethos has been No Surrender for the past year, as I was determined to make this festival work and finish what I started.

‘I’ve worked so hard to make this happen for our Patrons in 2016 but against my will and core beliefs – today’s news has forced me to surrender.’ 

In a quite frank and honest statement Mace explains that running the festival has left him in crippling debt and that he made ‘a series of bad business decisions and dealt with the situation very poorly.’

Despite trying to salvage the festival, it became apparent that there was nothing in Mace’s or anyone else who was involved in the running of the show that could save it.

Full refunds are available from the point of sale for those who did purchase a ticket.

Mace closes the statement by thanking those who have supported him throughout the years.

He said: ‘Again, thank you to those of you who have been supporting this event for the past three years – your encouragement and kind words have kept me going through incredibly difficult times and I hope that despite this negative outcome you’ve at least enjoyed the two events we hosted for you.

‘I’m proud of what was achieved with this event, and if there was any way of making this year work I’d be continuing with the same passion and dedication which oversaw the last two editions of Temples Festival.’

To read the full statement visit Temples Festival’s Facebook HERE




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