INTERVIEW: Hustle Malone


Stepping inside the squared circle can be a bit of a daunting challenge, but for Hustle Malone gathering knowledge from outside the ring has made it hard to ignore him in it.

As one of the fastest rising talents on the UK circuit, Malone has carved quite the path for himself in the short time he has been a professional wrestler.

Just an Insight was lucky enough to catch up with the team M.A.D member to discuss his ambitions in the ring, the changing landscape of the wrestling scene and never backing down from a challenge.

The former wrestling videographer has had the opportunity to film some of the brightest talents in the UK, but that wasn’t enough for him, and it soon became apparent that Malone wanted to make an impact inside the ring.

‘I was the closest person to the action in the building and it meant I got to see how these guys worked up close. At some point, that knowledge has to go somewhere,’ said Malone.

13288670_1747283808819465_1311398536_oWhen asked why he’s started his anti-veterans crusade Malone added: ‘The wrestling industry has changed. You can cry and whinge for “World of Sport” or tell me Rocky Johnson beat men with a dropkick but I don’t care – the world has changed.

‘People complain about The Young Bucks handing out superkicks like flyers but if you want to take somebody’s head off, that’s a pretty damn good way to do it.’

It is this type of attitude which has gained Malone and his fellow Team M.A.D team mates a pretty ruthless reputation, and has seen the bearded grappler tangle with veteran Lewis Cooper in recent weeks.

This rivalry came to a head at Hope Wrestling’s recent show at Jury’s Inn, in Milton Keynes.

‘The first thing I say every time I walk out through that curtain is “Your Hero Is Here”, because that’s exactly what I am,’ added Malone.

‘I motivate you, I turn you into a better you, and one by one, I’m knocking off the old and tired relic’s of yesteryear because I love this industry – its just sick. Dinosaurs like Lewis – a man I used to film, in his prime that is – are what’s holding it back from becoming it’s newest evolution, so if it means I have to be the hero one more time, cool.’

It is Malone’s willingness to fight which has brought out the brawler in him, and going toe-to-toe with the likes of  Matt Walker and T-Bone and most recently a vicious rivalry with Ryan Smile has meant one of the most motivated men in professional wrestling does not back down from a challenge.

This also means he is not afraid to call out some of the biggest names in the game today,

‘I want Jack Jester,’ Malone proclaims.

‘I said the wrestling industry has changed, and it has. You turn up to any show today and you see fancy boys, a fat man, 14-year-olds with fake IDs and badly fitting tights and what’s missing? Reality. I don’t look at a single man and fear like I feared The Undertaker as a child.

‘Jack Jester is more real than any man I’ve ever met.

‘And if I’m not here to hurt people, then well, why am I even here at all? Let’s find our limits, Jack. Let’s find them together.’

13318730_1747283795486133_1573826111_nIf one thing is for certain, Malone has brought a certain darkness and violence back to professional wrestling, and will not stop at anything until he has championship gold around his waist.

When Just an Insight asked him what does the rest of the year hold for him, Malone responded with: ‘A bigger beard. More Toothpicks. Further threats of drowning children.

‘STO’s. Choke outs. A distinct lack of invites to tea parties. Declarations of War. Fulfilling them.Victories. Championships. Maybe even more M.A.D.

‘But Violence. More than anything, a whole load of Violence.’

To keep up to date with all of Hustle Malone’s actions visit his Facebook page HERE.




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