Creating stand out low budget indie movies seems to be the weapon of choice for writer-director Jeremy Saulnier, and his latest venture into the cinematic world just reaffirms this statement.

Green Room is a film that is full of suspense, nail biting moments and quite frankly some brutal killings, but that does not take away from the expertly told story that unfolds.

The film follows plucky punk rockers The Ain’t Rights as they try and get any gig they can, which brings them to play a far right (“technically extreme left”) club.

With a crowd full of braces and boots, the quartet bravely – or naively depending on how you want to look at it – burst into a cover of the Dead Kennedy’s ‘Nazi Punks Fuck Off’. 

After winning over some member of the crowd, things turn south quickly and this is were Green Room really turns up the intensity.

GreenThe band are taken hostage after accidental stumbling across a Neo-Nazi girl with a knife sticking out of her head, with her killers and friend Amber (Imogen Poots) trying to clean up the scene.

It soon becomes clear that the band are left with very little option, especially when club boss Darcy (Patrick Stewart in an unfamiliar sinister role) comes on the scene and starts ordering his soldiers around.

Like many movie stand-offs, Green Room is all about who will flinch first, and the members of The Ain’t Rights, along with their new companion Amber delve deep to try and stay one step ahead of the ultra violent Nazi crew the other side of the door.

Green Room certainly has its  shock-gore moments, and the order in which characters are culled isn’t entirely guessable and for a film which will inevitably slip under the radar for many this is a solid film.



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