FILM REVIEW: Captain America: Civil War

From the day that the first Iron Man hit our screens who would have known that we would have the plethora of superheroes we now have.

The Marvel Universe has grown and grown to the point that some fans think the genre has become a little bit saturated.

That point is kind of proven in Captain America: Civil War where you not only have the main stayers in Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) and Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson), but there is the new additions of Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) and Spiderman (Tom Holland) there is a lot going on. 

That being said the Russo brothers manage to handle their star studded cast and each superhero has their moment to shine.

However, the intended lead of the film in the red, white and blue, is probably the character which lacks the most impact.

Civil WarEven though the film once again focuses around the fragile friendship of good old Cap and his childhood best friend Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan), it is the development of characters like Black Panther, Ant-man (Paul Rudd) and Vision (Paul Bettany).  

One thing that Marvel Studios seem to do so seamlessly is mix action with comedy, and Civil War is no different – Paul Rudd and newcomer Tom Holland providing a lot of the light relief.

Clocking in at almost two-and-a-half hours, Civil War never dips, the story is flowing, the action is fast and the characters are relatable.

In a time when DC gave audiences quite a drab Batman Vs Superman in one film, Marvel offer up Spiderman v Ant-man, Black Panther v The Winter Solider, War Machine v The Falcon and of course Iron Man v Captain America all in one film – I think its clear to see who is winning the monopoly.

Civil War is a comic book fans birthday and Christmas rolled into one, ok some elements of story are slightly lacking, but who cares when you have so many superheroes going hell for leather at each other.




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