With every new film release directors and cinematographers keep pushing the boundaries of film making.

The latest film to change the landscape is Sebastian Schipper‘s Victoria. 

With a running time of two hours and 2o minutes, the film focuses on one night in Berlin when Victoria (Laia Costa) meets four ‘real’ Berliners, who want to show the Spaniard the ‘real’ Berlin.

What makes Victoria so ground breaking is the whole evening is captured in one single take by the German director. 

This history making film is created so seamlessly, that if you didn’t know that it was shot in one take you may not even realise.

victoria44The journey starts when we meet Victoria in a very loud and bright club, from that moment on the camera does not leave our protagonists side. Following her up stairs, in and out of cars, through streets. In total the camera does not lose focus across seven different locations.

However, with all the cinematic genius would be for nothing if the story itself fell flat.

Luckily Victoria’s journey from unassuming tourist visiting the heart of Germany, to being deeply involved in some illegal goings on, is one that really encapsulates the audience.

Character development is at the soul of this film – the instant attraction between Victoria and Sonne (Frederick Lau) – is enough the have the audience invested for the whole film, even if some of the plot line is not logical – in particular how quickly Victoria is to join the rag tag gang of Berliners without really knowing them. 

For the great acting from the films two young leads, the credit really needs to go to cinematographer Sturla Brandth – whose name appears before the directors on the credits – for his commitment to making sure the frame is still perfectly filled despite the difficulty of the task in hand.

The story may have some faults, but as a piece of cinematic excellence Victoria really hits the mark.




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