After working tirelessly in the UK DIY scene for years, it seems like 2016 is the year that Giants step out of the shadows and take centre strange.

With the release of their debut full-length ‘Break the Cycle‘ the five-piece from Essex have begun the new year running in full throttle.

With countless UK and European tours already planned for this year – and taking part in the Holy Roar 10 year anniversary party – you won’t have to look too far without seeing there name featuring on a kick-ass bill.

Just an Insight had the opportunity to catch up with guitarist / vocalist Jack Longman to talk about keeping alive a dying form of Hardcore, not fitting in and finally taking the time to write a full-length record.

‘We’ve always just worried about touring and constantly being on the live circuit, I guess we never had the time to properly spend time writing a record,’ explains Jack.


Picture by Ashley Green

‘It was only when we actually did purposefully stop touring for a while in order to do it, that we realised this. It consumes your life man, honestly I didn’t quite understand beforehand.

‘I think that if we had a new record out every five minutes over the years, we’d have burnt out pretty quickly.

‘Writing a few EP’s and concentrating on our live/touring abilities forced us to focus on what we are better at pulling off live etc. And ultimately, it helped us realise the type of music that we want to make and feel comfortable with.’

Even though Giants have carved a name for themselves in the UK and European scene for their energetic live performances, there was still something holding the band back.

Jack said in terms of the music industry people don’t fully take a band seriously until they have a full-length record under their belt.

With the release of ‘Break the Cycle‘ the band believes it to be a culmination of their years of hard work paying off.

‘We were hitting a wall with things like acquiring support slots on tours, festivals etc, and it was starting bug us,’ continues the Giants guitarist.

‘Plus, where some of the earlier releases were pretty different to another, we wanted this record to make our mark and show people what kind of band we wanted to be.

‘I feel like that in a way shows that it’s not a ‘fart in the wind’ release for us.’

The boys from Loughton Essex, are that rare breed of Hardcore band which can carry a strong melodic presence – something which was very prominent in the early 2000’s.

This has led to the band to be compared to the likes of Comeback Kid and Go it Alone, but Jack and his fellow band members are sometimes left frustrated because the style of music they play doesn’t ‘fit’ a particular bill.

Come on

Picture by Josh Rock

He said: ‘It’s a shame because the whole genre has died a death in the last ten years, you don’t see bands like Go It Alone or Sinking Ships much any more, which sucks because it’s what got me into playing in this band.

‘But I am glad that we get to carry the flag for it too. It’s shit that people look down upon Hardcore bands with ‘melody’ these days and it’s been difficult for us in the past, as we don’t always ‘fit’ on Hardcore bills because I sing and stuff, which some kids just don’t have time for.’

At the beginning of May, Giants will be hitting the road, getting back to their bread and butter sharing the stage with Landscapes and Capsize, as well as playing a short run of shows with Hardcore mainstays Shai Hulud.

Jack told Just an Insight that playing with these higher calibre bands is always a learning curve for them and they cannot wait to get back over to mainland Europe.

‘Supporting the bands that inspired you is always an exciting thing, it’s good to be nervous sometimes,’ Jack adds.

‘The best part of it is just being around the people that are big in the game at what they do, seeing how they do things live etc. You learn so much.

‘Europe really is the best place for this type of music and we are all genuinely so excited as we know that these shows are going to be insane.’

With more tours and bigger shows planned for the rest of 2016, it really does seem that Giants will be leaving a big foot print on this year.

You can order ‘Break the Cycle’ through Holy Roar records and listen to the whole record below:


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