Nails premiere title track from upcoming thrid full-length


Powerviolence three piece Nails have been one of those bands who have merged the lines between metal, hardcore and grindcore.

Judging from the offering for upcoming full-length ‘You Will Never Be One of Us’ it seems like theses lines are becoming even more blurred.

The title track off the record which is coming out on Nuclear Blast Records on June 17, is 90 seconds of pure blasting aggression, which fans will have become accustom to when it comes to the band from California.

In a statement on the bands Facebook, vocalist and guitarist Todd Jones said the song is one of the bands favourites to date.

He said: ‘It’s a song which represents almost every side of Nails.

You Will Never Be One Of Us‘ is about about the pain and the pride that goes into being involved in hardcore/punk/metal unconditionally…being a lifer.

‘It’s a knife to the throat of the people who come and litter their bullshit and impose on everyone for their own selfish agenda.’

You can listen to the first track from ‘You Will Never Be One Of Us’ here:

You can pre-order the record from Nuclear Blast HERE

Track list of ‘You Will Never Be One Of Us’: 

You Will Never Be One Of Us
Friend To All
Made To Make You Fall
Life Is A Death Sentence
Violence Is Forever
Savage Intolerance
In Pain
Into Quietus
They Come Crawling Back



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