xRepentancex decide to call it a day

xRx pic

One of the bands that brought UK straight edge back to the forefront of the UK hardcore scene have decided to call it a day after three blistering years.

xRepentancex have been one of those bands that truly hit the floor running, right from their debut release ‘In Violation of Asa’. 

Having played extensively across the UK, it wouldn’t take long until the band started branching out, playing with bigger bands and eventually heading over to the states to play FYA Fest.

There had been murmurs that the band was going to slow things down with other commitments getting in the way, but earlier today the band took to Facebook to officially announced that they would be splitting up.

The statement said: ‘It has been the plan for a while now, but xRepentancex will be calling it a day.

‘It has always been difficult for us to get together to play, given everyone’s busy schedules and the fact we live in different cities.

‘But as our personal lives have gotten increasingly busy, we would rather end the band while we can still put in 100%, as opposed to slowly decaying and putting out music that wasn’t to the best standard we could produce.

‘We are extremely grateful for the things we have been able to do as a band.’

The band plans to have a final show scheduled for May 21st, with Carry the Weight records set to release a discography, which will include a previously unheard live recording.

xRepentancex will see out the remained of their booked shows starting with Amongst the Chaos in Southampton this weekend.

Here are the bands remaining dates:

March 12 – Southampton
April 16 – Belgium w/ Foundation
April 17 – London w/ Foundation
April 30 – Leeds (Outbreak Fest)
May 14 – Nantes, France


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