Hip-Hop pioneers Dälek return with first song of upcoming full-length

With their first release since 2009 due out later this year, Hip-hop trio Dälek have come back darker, creeper and still pushing the boundaries.

Born from the DIY scene in New Jersey in the late 90’s, Dälek were known as pioneers over the last fifteen years for their intriguing sound which fuses a blend of progressive hip-hop artistry supported by a rhythmic backdrop consisting of sonic experimentation through noise music and dark ambience.

After radio silence since 2011, the founder of the group MC Dälek has injected new life into the group, bringing out new material with new collaborators DJ rEK on turntables and co-producer Mike Manteca.

It was recently announced that the trio will be releasing their first recorded material  since 2009’s ‘Gutter Tactics’.  The new record titled ‘Asphalt For Eden’ will be released through Profound Lore.

Now Dälek have given fans a glimpse of the new record with the release of ‘Guaranteed Struggle.’

On the evidence of this new track is appears that they have again played the odd men out in a overcrowded genre, but their sound is so complex and quixotic that the group has also found itself sharing stages with the disparate, experimental likes of The Melvins, TOOL, Jesu, Dillinger Escape Plan.

Dälek will be appearing at the Bell House in New York City, on April 22 for the record release show of ‘Asphalt For Eden’. 

You can pre-order the new record HERE.



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