Broken Teeth sign to Nuclear Blast records

broken teeth

Flying the flag for the UK hardcore scene since 2007, Broken Teeth have established themselves one of this isles powerhouses in the genre.

The Manchester quintet have gone through several line-up changes but really began to get notoriety when they signed with UK label Purgatory Records and later 6131 Records.

After relentlessly touring the UK, Europe and even have a couple of trips over the the states, the band have penned a worldwide record deal with powerhouse label Nuclear Blast joining the likes of Agnostic Front, Biohazard, Dimmu Borgir and Lamb of God to name a few.

The bands debut full-lengh ‘At Peace Amongst Chaos’ is due to be released on May 2016.

Upon signing to Nuclear Blast the band released a statement, they said: ‘This is something we never thought/ expected to happen we we started writing music all them years ago.

‘It’s a huge step forward for us as a band and as individuals, we’re super excited to see what happens when we release this LP with Nuclear Blast Records.’

sickBroken Teeth will be hitting the road next week as part of the Sick of it All 30 year anniversary tour.

See the tour poster for dates. Details of the new record and new songs are set to follow from the band.


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