ROUND-UP: Lucha Underground, February 24th, 2016


It seems that every time we do one of these round-ups about Lucha Underground we feel like I am just being a massive fan boy, but you can’t help but gasp in awe of what this product is producing.

In this second series, the EL Rey product has really focused on furthering its story telling as well as putting on some absolutely killer matches, and a prime example of this was the opening bout between Jack Evans – the self proclaimed dragon slayer – and the Dareworlf PJ Black.

Evans who had previously seen off the believers favourite Drago, and was once again displaying his cockiness about his wrestling and his ability. After some fast paced back and forth action, Drago would appear on top of Katrina’s office, much to the infuriated Evans who would provoke the Dragon to come down to the ring.

With Evans distracted, Black tried to catch the arrogant American off guard, only for it to backfire as Drago spit mist into Black’s eyes to allow Evans to get the roll-up and then sleak away from an angry Drago, leaving Black with nunchucks in hand staring at Drago – could this set up a wolf v dragon feud?


To keep with the theme of LU leaning more towards good story telling, one of their best story tellers King Cuerno has been a revelation this time around.

The Gift of the Gods champion has really come into his own with his matches with Fenix and the renewal of a rivalry with Killshot was certainly a tasty treat for the believers inside the temple.

Something that has really stood out with Cuerno is his striking ability and his fearlessness – something Matt Striker summed up perfectly was a super-kick which sounded like a gun shot.

Cuerno ended the contest by hitting the Thrill of the Hunt, but the hunter was not done yet as he wanted to send a message to Mil Muertes as he looked to deliver a second Thrill of the Hunt to a helpless Killshot, only for Fenix – who still has a bone to pick with Cuerno – come rushing down to make the save.

The third contest almost acted as a rest bite for the crowd, but again kept the LU story line ticking over.

texNow I will be totally honest, I am still not 100 per cent sold on Texano and this has cemented that feeling.

The gauntlet match against Chavo Guerrero and the Crew, wasn’t exactly the most exhilarating match in LU history, especially when Texano dispatched of Mr Cisco in under 20-seconds.

The rest of the match was pretty predictable, with Guerrero picking up a cheap victory, which ended up with him and the crew running to the back with their tails tucked between their legs.

The main event got things back on track with a rivalry which has been brewing over the last couple of weeks between Johnny Mundo and the Machine Cage.

Right from the off Mundo showed what little respect he has for the Machine by bitch slapping him in the centre of the ring.


The match itself was a great back and forth of Mundo’s athletic ability and Cage’s brute strength. Mundo showing off his unique parkour style with a step=up corkscrew to the outside, and Cage displaying some decapitating clotheslines.

It looked like the Machine looked to have the match won after delivering the discus clothesline and then Weapon X, only for the debuting Taya Valkyrie rushing down to distract the referee and slide a bit of led piping into the ring for Mundo.

It was a little disappointing for the match to finish in such a Heel fashion, but this is Lucha Underground and they will always throw their fans some curve balls. Once the bell had rung Mundo and Valkyrie continued the beatdown on Cage cementing this newly formed allegiance.

King-CuernoSo far in the second series LU have clearly picked two wrestlers that they want to carry the brand in Pentagon Jr and King Cureno. And the spike at the end of this episode has set up potentially the biggest episode of this series.

Setting up what could be a closure of a trilogy between Cureno and Fenix as well as part two of Pentagon Jr and Prince Puma.

As each weeks go by, Lucha Underground has kept growing and showing that it is arguably one of the best wrestling brands around at the moment and in my opinion continues to do no wrong.






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