LIVE REVIEW: Slipknot @ Alexandra Palace, February 9th, 2016


I am sure when it first opened its doors in 1873, Alexandra Palace never expected to see chaos like it witnessed on Wednesday night.

A far cry from the days of the maniacs who burst onto the music scene in 1995, Slipknot are an older, wiser collective and the grand surroundings of Ally Pally reflect just want the band has achieved in a 20 year career.

This is not taking away any of the brute force that lays in the nine-pieces on-stage performance, as the opening chord of The Negative One sent a sold out London crowd into hysteria.

In classic Slipknot style there is so much going on that it is hard to keep tabs on every member of the band, with percussionists Shawn Crahan and Chris Fehn whirling around on their drum platforms. DJ Sid Wilson running around like a mad man and vocalist Corey Taylor having his ‘Maggots’ eating out of the palm of his hand.

chrisWhat further enhances the experience – compared to the last time Just an Insight saw the band – was the addition of some creepy and disturbing visuals to accompany every song, but when Taylor proclaimed ‘Lets take this back to 1999’ and the original Slipknot logo flashed up on the back drop as Wait and Bleed kicked in, had a special place in my heart.

Over the years the band, who originally from Iowa, have built up a strong relationship with their fan base in England’s capital. ‘The UK has always been embracing of us and when ever we play here, we feel like we are from here’ says number eight Taylor as he once again address his family. And in return the brother on stage whip the crowd into a frenzy the way only nine men in masks can by playing Duality and The Devil In I back to back, before closing the set with (sic).

However, the carnival of chaos had not quite finished there as Taylor once again addressed the crowd ‘My friends, my mother fucking family’ to join him and his brothers on last time as the words ‘SPIT IT OUT’ flash up behind the bands ring leader.

Jim RootNow if you have ever been to a Slipknot show before you know what follows, to witnessing a sold out Ally Pally crouch down and explode at the word ‘FUCK ME, I’M ALL OUT OF ENEMIES’ is something that will send a shiver down your spine.

In the late 90’s Slipknot may have been a symbol or rebellion for many a generation, but now they are a band of brothers who have created this all inclusive community where all are welcome. I can safely say having seen the band twice, they are without a doubt the most entertaining, thrilling and polished band I have ever seen live.





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