Bull Dempsey leaves NXT along with two other WWE superstars


The innovator of Bull-fit, Bull Dempsey took to twitter earlier today to announce that he would no long be competing in NXT.

Dempsey who is rumoured to be one of the most humbling and liked members of the NXT locker room and even on leaving the WWE he was gracious and thankful for the opportunity.

Dempsey Tweeted: ‘It’s been real . Amazing group of coaches and coworkers and a helluva boss.

‘Thank you for the opportunity . See ya down the road!

‘That being said, I’m available for bookings, appearances, birthdays, bar mitzvahs and everything in between! BookBullDempsey@gmail.com.’

The announcement has come as a bit of a surprise to many in the WWE universe, mainly due to Bull’s change of persona since and becoming a popular comedy character with the fans.

Bull-DempseyBull’s time at NXT has been a bit hot and cold. Booked as ‘The Last of a Dying Breed’ something the fans never really got behind – especially as he was almost a carbon copy of his trainer Tazz.

Following brief feud with Baron Corbin, there didn’t really seem to be any place for the big guy.

It wasn’t until a run in with Prince Pretty, Tyler Breeze when Breeze literally running rings around Dempsey, leading to the breath of Bull-fit.

With a few fantastic training montage videos, the comedic side of Bull came alive, but it meant he was limited to TV time, which could have ultimately led to his exit.

Along with Dempsey it appears that Mgood brothersarcus Louis and Sylvester LeFort have also been future endeavoured as neither have appeared on significant NXT episodes since the pairs feud with Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady.
At the time of writing there is no official word from WWE, but we here at Just An Insight, hope to see all three in a wrestling ring again soon.


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