ROUND-UP: Lucha Underground, February 3, 2016


After such an explosive return to our screens, how would Lucha Underground be able to top season two’s premiere episode? Easy announce that arguably the two hottest talents on the roster will team together in the main event.

But before we can get to the mouth watering prospect of Prince Puma and Pentagon Jr tagging against the Disciples of Death, there is the small matter of the returning Johnny Mundo.

One of the top performers for the brand last time around – his all night long match with Puma a personal highlight – it was good to see Mundo step back into the Temple to face off against up and comer Killshot.

And as the ‘veteran’ of the pair Mundo did a great job of allowing Killshot to showcase his talents, mainly his athleticism with a corkscrew moonsault over the top rope. Killshot thought he had picked up the win after a great sequence culminated in a 450 splash giving the luchador the nearest of near-falls.

LU-2316.png-640x370But to cement himself as one of LU’s top heels, Mundo executes a neat back heeled low blow – while the referee was down – before landing the End of the World.

After the match Mundo made his intentions clear stating he was coming for LU champion Mil Muertes, only to be rudely interrupted by the machine Cage, who also wants to have a stab and the man of a thousand deaths. With tensions running high Mundo tried to blind-side the big man only to get thrown out of the ring.

Following a short vignette, the believers got their first glimpse of world travelled debutant Darewolf PJ Black.

His match against the Mack was a great back and forth exchange. For his size the Mack is hugely athletic and does moves you don’t think a man of his stature should be able to do.

After so quick flurries of speed from the Darewolf, the match breaks down into a striking contest with chops and kicks.

The momentum quickly shifted back in favour of the South African, delivering a Blue Thunder Bomb, and a truly spectacular springboard moonsault before threatening the 450, only for the Mack to roll out of the way.

When Black went to the top rope once more, this time Mack countered with a mid-air stunner gaining the three count.

It may seem like a strange move having PJ lose on his debut, but hey this is Lucha Underground, when has anything they have done been predictable.

Finally the moment the believers and the audience at home had been waiting for, Prince Puma and Pentagon Jr facing of against the Disciples of Death led by Katrina.

Despite no longer having the belt, Puma is still very much the face of LU and by taking on all three members of the trio’s champions almost single handed isn’t going to harm this reputation.

However, there is a new conniving, darker face of the Temple and that is the man of no fear. Even though he actually did very little in this match, every moment he spent in the ring the atmosphere was electric.

Screen_Shot_2016-02-03_at_6.03.42_PM.0.0A great bout of one-up=manship  between the two favourites was rather tasty, but the match may not have been the instant classic fans had been hoping for as Puma hit the 630, only for Pentagon to slide in and get the pin.

This is when the temple really came alive as Cero Miedo nailed Puma with the backstabber before threatening to break the former champs arm – just as he did the current champions last week.

The difference this time was that Puma was able to wriggle free, setting up what could possibly be one of the best feud in wrestling let alone LU.

But like last week the action wasn’t quite finished there, oh no LU had one more ace up their sleeve. A Luchafor’s mask is something sacred, so when we see the new Dragon Azteca getting lectured by a very familiar voice, the reveal of Rey Mysterio is maybe all that little bit sweeter.





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