My Month In Music: Kate Flynn (The Winter Passing)

 Photo credit: Martyna Wisniewska
Surprisingly the only shows I seen this month were shows we were playing so I’ve compiled this chit chat about stuff from tour that was cool.


We got to play in some of the nicest venues to date, a lot of diversity with places to play shows which is always cool.  Here are a few of my favourite venues on our January UK run:  

Edinburgh: The Banshee labyrinth which is apparently haunted. It did spook the hell out of me. We realised there was a cinema in the venue so we all went and watched Monsters Inc together. A cinema in a venue? How freaking cool is that?  There was also an open mic night after our show, and of course me and some of the guys went and covered Shake it Off by Taylor Swift….full band.
Brighton: The Hope & Ruin venue was really cool. Aesthetically, the nicest venue, in my opinion. It reminded me a lot of American Horror Story or something. It also had a cool built in caravan on the door to the kitchen. I got vegan “pulled pork” chips. They were amazing. It was nice to see some old friends also, we love Brighton.
Bristol: Roll for the Soul Bike Cafe. Okay so this was my jam, great coffee & super friendly staff.
London (the second time we played there): The Gallery Cafe in Bethnal Green, great coffee and a beautiful atmosphere. That’s all you need to know.
Durham: apart from it being one of the nicest places I’ve ever seen, The Empty Shop was definitely such a cool concept for a venue and so well run for a DIY space.
Nottingham: I have a lot of love for JT Soar. A lot more because we got to stay in the recording studio above the venue for the night. So we stayed up til like 4am while I nearly peed my pants from laughing at the guys acting out scenes from the office.
Something I noticed about this tour was the amount of times that we were put on a bill with other female musicians. It was incredible. I got to see and meet some really inspiring ladies. I also got to see some seriously great bands that I’m such a fan of now that I am home. Here’s a few names 
Personal Best: Pnly managed to catch a little of their set at Fest last year so playing with them in London was a real treat.
Perkie: We played with Perkie in Bristol. I was legitimately standing in a corner holding back tears as she was playing. She has the most angelic voice that coincides with the most beautiful instrumental piano.
Petrol Girls: Seriously all I have to say is, watching this band made me so inspired.
Simmer: I actually hadn’t heard of Simmer before and apart from sound difficulty, I fell in love with this band. Such great harmonies.
Hora Douse: I was literally blown away by this band. Go listen to them. And not only do they rule, half their earnings on merch goes to the mental health organisation MIND.
Pale Kids: I freaking love this band. It was so funky and catchy.
Cold Holding: One of the most impressive two-pieces I’ve ever seen. Super angelic screamo.
Music that kept me company on the drives : 
Tame Impala: Their newest record current is so chill, a regular spinner.
Mac Demarco: Easy on the ears while travelling through the mountains in Scotland. A lot of appreciation.
Looming: Nailbiter is definitely my favourite record right now. It reminds me so much of Interpol (which is always a good thing) but uniquely different. Honestly, don’t sleep on this band.
Creeper: Such an awesome band. So much love for Goth Punk.
Julien Baker: forever and always. I always fight the urge to listen to Sprained Ankle in front of people because I always end up crying to it but I can’t help but listen to it cause it’s probably one of the most important debut records that actually makes me feel so many emotions on every listen.
Teen Death: we toured with these guys in America and I may be biased because I love them as people, but their EP crawling is legit so good.

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