The Caulfield Cult, gone in 60 seconds


It may be brief but the latest song from Singaporean punks The Caulfield Cult is a slap in the face sign of what is to come from their latest record ‘Cult’. 

‘I Can’t Save You’ is an impactful look of what is to come from the four piece, who have been honing their craft across the globe.

This latest track also features the vocal talents of Self Defense Family and Drug Church front man Patrick Kindlon to give the song that extra bit of grit. Not that it needed it.

If ‘I Can’t Save You’ is an indication of what the rest of the record is set to sound like then we are in for a treat.

Listen to it here:

‘Cult’, the third full-length by The Caulfield Cult, will be available from the 31st March 2016 via ACPHC, i.corrupt.records, Sorta’ Lonely, Through Love Records, Dingleberry Records and Dangerous Goods.

For more on The Caulfield Cult, head to Facebook.




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