ROUND-UP: Lucha Underground Season 2 premiere


It’s back!! Arguably the best wrestling product of last year, Lucha Underground made its triumphant return on Wednesday even and boy have they been missed.

What makes LU so special is it encapsulates the imagination, and knows that it is a little bit left field, but it works for the product. And just to test the water in a 50 minute show consisting of just three matches, the bar has already been set sky high.

The show kicked-off in typical cinematic fashion – you wouldn’t expect anything less from Robert Rodriguez – showing Vampiro in a psychiatric ward checking his mental stability after the violent encounter he had with Pentagon Jr at Ultima Lucha.

When the viewer finally returns to the Temple, it is a much darker place being run by the beautiful, yet vindictive Katrina and the LU champion Mil Muertes perched on his throne looking down on the ring.

When the action got under way the fans were already presented with an instant classic, as Fenix defended his Gift of the Gods title against King Cuerno. After some great technical lucha libre exchanges early on, it was Cuerno who took the early advantage, drilling the champ with a spiked DDT outside the ring.

The fast pace action of LU is what makes it so unique, and this opening contest was no different. Suicide dives, springboard corkscrews, high flying manoeuvres. What ever you can think of these guys pulled it off.

Both competitors were brings move-sets which fans had not previously seen in the first season. Fenix producing a double stomp to the back of the challengers head, but ultimately it was Cuerno’s modified package piledriver which got him the three count, and in the process the Gift of the Gods championship allowing the hunter a shot at the LU title whenever he wants it.

Before the next match could get under way, Katrina whispered something to Melissa Santos, which transpired to be a three-way match to determine who would get a shot at Muertes later in the evening.

The match itself was a battle between by all three members of the former trio’s champions, Son of Havoc, Ivelisse and Angelico.

Obviously this group known for being rather dysfunctional, would have to put their differences aside to get a shot at the champ. From the early going you could see the respect for each other they have as a team and it was just a matter of who would snap first.

The answer, Ivelisse.

son-of-havocWhen Angelico tried to tease her with a test of strength, a series of slaps opened up the contest. A hard running knee in the corner from the South African seems to put Ivelisse out of action, allowing Son of Havoc and Angelico to exchange a series of kicks and high flying moves.

As Angelico looked to set up a superplex, Havoc shoved him to the canvas. Havoc then looks set to fly, only for Ivelisse to jump up and push him off the top rope, before rolling up Angelico to get the win and set up an instant title shot.

As the champ descended from his throne, Havoc and Angelico flanked Ivelisse, only for the Disciples of Deaths to come out of the shadows and even things up.

Now it doesn’t matter where you stand on the matter of intergender wrestling this was a way for Mil Muertes to assert his dominance at the top. Ivelisse throws show kicks and punches on the champ, but the big man is hardly moved and showed his power by throwing his opponent to the matt.

There was a tremendous spot where Ivelisse gets Muertes in a triangle choke and he lifts her off the ground with one arm, but she uses his momentum to put her over the ropes and extend out the arm, but again the big guy swats the smaller Ivelisse away like a fly.

After Ivelisse picks up a very close near fall, Kartina slinks her way into the ring, only to be hit by a spear from Muertes, leading to Ivelisse rolling the champ up getting another two count causing the believers in the temple to erupt.

lucha-underground-mil-muertes-600x600But when Mil hit the Flatliner it was game over with a very cocky hand on the face cover to retain his LU championship.

Once the match had finished there was the familiar scene of Katrina looking set to give the helpless Ivelisse the Lick of Death. Instead Katrina orders her man to inflict more damage on Ivelisse.

Just as Muertes was about to hit another Flatliner, the man Mil beat for the title, Prince Puma ran down to the ring to deliver a super kick to the champion and rescuing Ivelisse in the process.

With Muertes distracted by Puma, the man of a thousand deaths did not notice the man of no fear, Cero Miedo Pentagon Jr was able to apply the backstabber before breaking the arm of the champion.

And just like that LU was back on our screens, leaving wrestling fans with their jaws on the floor in anticipation of what is going to come next.

Oh but one more thing. Where is the boss, well Dario Cueto seems to have become the gate keeper of the Temple. Standing outside this ‘Underground Fight Club’. So what will Cueto’s roll be in the Katrina regime, I guess we will see next week.




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