Is 2016 the year Kenny Omega climbs to the top of the mountain?


On the day of the Royal Rumble, wrestling fans wait in anticipation to see what story lines will be set up for the next couple of months in the WWE. The question on everyone’s lips is will AJ Styles debut tonight?

When the news broke that AJ, along with other members of Bullet Club, were leaving New Japan Pro Wrestling earlier this month it meant there would have to be a new man to lead the Bullet Club. Step forward The Cleaner, Kenny Omega.

The former two-time IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion has always been held in high regard for his in-ring performances and his fantastic mic skills by wrestling fans worldwide, but he may not get the recognition that many think he deserves.

On January 5th, Omega made the huge announcement that he would be stepping away from the Junior division and would be competing in the Heavyweight division, and thus begun the next chapter in The Cleaner’s career.

With that said, Omega now has the weight of the division on his shoulders and it looks like he is ready to run with that momentum and not only lead Bullet Club, but could be the new face of NJPW.

Like Styles before him, Omega will have to act as the bridge between the USA and UK independent fans to pull them into the NJPW. Something which on evidence the 2008 Battle of Los Angeles definitely can be the face of a company.

One Saturday (January 23), Just an Insight were lucky enough to witness Omega wrestle the UK’s very own Mark Haskins and it is safe to say it is arguably one of the best matches we have ever seen live.

As we are only a month into 2016, if Omega continues on this wave not only will he be the face of NJPW, but potentially be the flag bearer for the independent scene, and maybe it won’t be long until we see the Canadian being approached to join his Bullet Club brethren in the WWE.



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