INTERVIEW: The Winter Passing


After a monumental 2015, this year looks set to carry one exactly where the last left off for The Winter Passing.
Kicking-off the year with a UK tour off the back of their debut full length, the Irish quintet show no signs of slowing down.
In a brief moment of down time Just an Insight caught up with vocalist and guitarist Rob Flynn to talk about touring as much as possible, growing up and meeting Andrew WK.
After playing with some dodgy gear in tiny spaces back when the band first started, it seems these experiences helped mould the band we hear and see today.

Live‘We knew we wanted to go on tour, it was always something we said we were going to do with TWP,’ Said Flynn.
‘So we booked a tour in the UK and Ireland with our friends in Forrest, we all enjoyed that tour so much that we knew we wanted to do more.
‘We decided to try tour as much as we could and try not to break momentum so to speak.
‘What the band is today and all the opportunities we’ve been fortunate enough to get thus far has come from being an active touring band.’

For Flynn touring isn’t just about the experiences he has with the band, it is also a chance to hang out with younger sister Kate, who does vocals and keys in the band.
But Rob insists touring with his sibling doesn’t have any draw backs.
‘We have arguments and shit like most siblings do but Kate always has my back and I always have hers too,’ he adds.
‘We’ve been on tour so much at this point that it’s very easy for us to do for the most part now, there’s things the band rely on me personally for and there’s things I rely on in Kate.’

From humble beginnings in Ireland, last year really was the break out year for TWP.
Releasing their critically acclaimed debut album A Different Space of Mind and touring America, but Flynn says the band aren’t going to rest on their laurels and already have big plans for 2016.
Starting with a UK tour with Losing Sleep, which kicks-off later this month.
Rob said: ‘We’ve known the guys in Losing Sleep for a couple of years now, they’ve helped us out with shows in Kingston and giving us a place to stay while on tour.
‘They asked us if we’d be down for touring and we were like yeah cool. I think this is the first UK run we’ve done where I’m stoked for literally every show, we’re playing a bunch of new cities too which is always great cause we get to do some touristy shit during the day.’

band dadIn a year that TWP seemed to have everything going for them, it was the reception they received in America which really blew the bands vocalist away.
The band toured the East Coast of the US culminating with a performance at Fest.
Flynn said everyone they met was so welcoming and humbling, and at shows people would travel hours just to see TWP.

‘We were blown away by the response out there,’ he adds.
‘We made so many friends and it was really nice spending time with a bunch of bands on 6131 records at Fest.
‘I remember we set up our stuff for our set at Fest and Kate and I went for a smoke cause we had five minutes to kill before playing and she said to “I don’t think many people will come down” and I said “yeah I know, who cares though”.
‘So when we walked back in to a full room, it was a super special feeling. And then to top it off we met Andrew WK after the show later that night.’

One thing is for sure is that 2015 was a learning curve for TWP, shaping them into one of the staples of the UK and Irish scene.
And this appears to be a running theme throughout everything the band does, as the band has clearly grown – something which inspired A Different Space of Mind.
Flynn adds: ‘In a nutshell it’s a record about growing up, fullabout the transition out of adolescents into adulthood. Each song is a documentation of an event/moment/feeling in myself and Kate’s life.

‘With the album we wanted to find out and establish the type of band we wanted to be a lot more, that was the goal with the project.

‘I feel like we worked that out while recording A Different Space of Mind, it was a big learning curve for everyone in the band. It’s shaped us for the future.’
And what a bright future it looks like for TWP. With further tours in the pipeline and new material written, it looks like 2016 could be yet another great year from the Irish gang.

Catch The Winter Passing on the road with Losing Sleep at one of these date:

15th – London ~ Birthdays
16th – Brighton ~ The Hope & Ruin
17th – Bristol ~ Roll For The Soul ~ All Ages
18th – Nottingham ~ JT Soar ~ All Ages
19th – Durham ~ Empty Shop ~ All ages
20th – Edinburgh ~ Banshee Labyrinth
21st – Glasgow ~ Nice’N’Sleazy
22nd – Manchester ~ Star & Garter
23rd – London ~ Gallery Cafe ~ All Ages
24th – Southampton ~ The Alex






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