FILM REVIEW: The Danish Girl

Many people experience the feeling of not quite being themselves from time to time.

However, the feeling of being trapped in a body which is not yours is something incomprehensible for some.

This is exactly what Einar Wegener (Eddie Redmayne) experiences in the film The Danish Girl. 

The subject matter of being a trans person is as relevant today as it was when the brave Lili Elbe underwent pioneering surgery and paved the way for many transgender men and women since her death.

danishgirl1-xlargeWe are first introduced to Lili when Einar’s wife Gerda (Alicia Vikander) asks her husband to model for her. The unease of putting on women’s stockings really playing on Einar’s mind.

However, the realisation of how good the silk feels against his skin, you can see the look of confusion in his face.

Something that Redmayne is great at – and one of the reasons he won the Oscar – is that he can tell a story with a simple facial expression.

Director Tom Hooper clearly plays on this fact with many close ups on the British actors to show the pain and anguish which is going through Lili’s head.

As Lili becomes more prominent, it is the constant support – despite her own struggle with the issue – from Gerda, who encourages her husband to seek help.

eddyWith the experimental and dangerous procedure of giving Lili the body she wants, she awakes to proclaim ‘I dreamt I was a baby in my mother’s arms and she looked down at me and said Lili.’

The Danish Girl treads a very safe path, of an otherwise controversial subject, but it is Redmayne and Vikander are mesmerising perfomances which keep your eyes locked on the screen.

Both will surely be nominated for Oscars, but will they claim the gongs?







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