Josh Bannister leaves Milk Teeth, So what’s next for the band?


There was a shock announcement made last night on one of the UK’s hottest properties Facebook page last night.

The news that vocalist and guitarist Josh Bannister, would be leaving grunge punks Milk Teeth, was not the start to 2016 fans had been expecting.

The post stated that: ‘It’s a new year and a new start for Milk Teeth as our friend Josh has stepped down from the band.

‘We wish him all the happiness in the world & the best of luck for the future.’

The announcement went on to say that Billy Hutton, from the soon-to-be defunct Hindsights, would step in as a temporary replacement.

milkTiming of the announcement seems quite unusual with the band about to release their debut full-length and tours and festival appearances already lined-up.

However, Bannister did provide some insight via his personal twitter account.

He tweeted: ‘Milk teeth is over for me now and I wish the guys luck and thanks to Billy for stepping in he’s the best guy for any job.

‘I left before I had to leave music entirely. Do it while it feels right not because it’s worth while, that’s never what it’s about. And if anyone cares I’m already working on some new shit with some cool dogs. I did what I did so I’d never wanna stop making music.’

It will be interesting to see what happens with the formation of the band from here on it, the natural options seems to place Becky Blomfield front and centre, with Hutton adding additional vocals.


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