INTERVIEW: Nathan Cruz


He is a multi-time champion, the current New Generation Wrestling champion and Progress tag team champion.
So it is safe to say that 2015 was one hell of a year for the Showstealer Nathan Cruz.
With Cruz dominating several UK federations and constantly being a big draw for UK fans, the new year looks set to be a big year for the leader of the Origin.
Just an Insight had the opportunity to catch up with the Showstealer to talk about getting under his opponents skin, teaming with El Ligero and being the face of NGW.
Even though he is only 25, Cruz has already achieved a lot in his wrestling career, but is not willing to rest on his laurels.

Cruz 2‘I’m a great believer in hard work,” said Cruz.
‘If you are truly dedicated, eager to learn, work hard, believe in yourself and have faith; you will be successful.
‘It (wrestling) can be so unpredictable, you just have to lace up your boots, continue the hard work and prey that each year will be more successful than the last.’

Cruz has been a large part of the Progress wrestling family from the start, culminating in being crowned the first ever Progress Wrestling champion.
Since then his time in the company has evolved, becoming arguably one of the most believable heels across the whole wrestling industry.
As part of the Origin along side El Ligero, Dave Mastiff and Zack Gibson, they have ruled the roost, something Cruz said he really enjoys.

He said: ‘It’s fun. That’s the best way I can describe the group, we have a blast.
‘The group came together at first as an experiment as far as I’m aware.
‘They (Progress) really wanted something to come along and shake up the audience, who at this point had become a very self centred fan base.
‘Enter me, they were confident that I could come in and give the group the legitimate heat that it needed, coupled with a turn from Ligero, it would give us some real fuel.
‘It is my crowning achievement thus far and I genuinely mean that.
‘In this day and age it is very difficult to be heel, they tend to become so entertaining that they get over.
‘It may seem silly but I work hard on reading different people, working out how is best to get under their skin.’


However, it isn’t all about under handed tricks and getting under people’s skin for Cruz.
The NGW champion is a strong Babyface for the company, which lead to the Showstealer ending Rampage Brown’s 200 day reign as champion in front of more than 1,000 people.
‘The first time I captured the NGW championship in 2011 I was the promotions top villain,’ added Cruz
‘So to have the comeback story and the huge Babyface win in front of over 1,000 local fans and thousands who tune in across the country on local TB and online; that was a very flattering moment.’

Despite his relative young age, Cruz has faced-off against many of the top names in UK and European wrestling.
But the leader of the Origin has a wish list of opponents who he would like to face and places where he would love to wrestle.

‘I have a lot more international work in the new year with me going back out to Italy, Germany and France once again,’ Cruz continues.
‘I’m also close to arranging the dates for a tour of India and maybe I’ll finally get a chance in Japan.
‘On who I’d like to wrestle Flash Morgan Webster is certainly my top pick.
‘We have never faced off and I am a huge fan of what he has achieved and his ability in the ring, Pete Dunn is also in that category.
‘I’ve squared off with Joseph Connars before, but I think that was about five years back now.
‘With how our two characters have developed on TV I’d love to see him get an NGW title shot.’

Cruz and geroWith Cruz previously having try-outs at WWE, the Yorkshire man remains focused on trying to reached the promised land, but remains grounded that if it is meant to be then he will get another opportunity.
With 2016 already looking like a pretty big year for the Showstealer, we are sure UK fans will be seeing a whole lot more shenanigans from the Origin and Cruz continuing to be a thorn in his opponents side.

To keep up to date with Nathan Cruz throughout 2016 follow him on Twitter,  Facebook and Instagram




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