Top 10 wrestlers of 2015

So as 2015 draws to a close, it is a time to reflect back on what we have achieved and witness throughout the year.

In terms of wrestling there have been some major highs and so pretty abysmal lows.

To round off the year we here at Just an Insight thought we would share with you our top 10 grappler’s of 2015.

Now bare in mind this list is purely based on wrestlers who we have watched, so we know this is going to be up for debate, but without any further ado here is number 10:

10: Jimmy Havoc 



Jimmy Havoc may not be your conventional wrestler, but man is the guy entertaining.

The longest reigning Progress wrestling champion and one hell of an arsehole, 2015 was the year in which Havoc really made his mark.

His match against Will Ospreay at Chapter 20 and then against Paul Robinson at Chapter 21 were two of the most brutal matches you will see in professional wrestling.

Having not appeared in a Progress ring since, but instead been working with ICW, Southside and Rev Pro, it begs the question, what is in store for Jimmy Havoc in 2016?

9: John Cena 

john-cena2 I’ve got to admit it, even we am a little shocked that I have put Cena on this list.

But if you think about it we would be stupid to exclude big match John from our list.

Lets be real it was a good year for the face of the WWE. Breaking Rusev’s undefeated streak, putting on a great feud with Seth Rollins and of course their was the US Championship open challenge.

Whoever thought this was a good idea my god they got it right.

The US open challenge threw up some of the best matches of the year, in particular against Cesaro, Neville and who could forget Kevin Owens debut.

So John Cena We salute you.

8: Pentagon Jnr 

Pentagon jrThis year we were introduced to the absolute beauty which is Lucha Underground, and one of its break out stars was Pentagon Jnr.

Already a household name in Mexican wrestling, for many – including us here at JAI – this was our first experience of Cero Miedo, and what an impression he left.

Becoming the killer in Lucha Underground and the man many people wanted to win this years PWG Battle of Los Angles, Pentagon has cemented his place in the hearts of the wrestling faithful.

With the second season of Lucha Underground set to air in January, could 2016 be the year of Zero Fear?

7: Sasha Banks 


Throughout the whole ‘Divas Revolution’ there has been one female wrestler who has shone brighter than the others.

Sasha Banks has really come into her own in the past 12 months and is really starting to thrive.

Even though her talents are being slightly wasted one the main WWE roster, we got to witness some incredible matches with the Boss this year.

The obvious is the two title matches against Bayley, but her match against Becky Lynch for the NXT women’s title was an absolute show stopper.

6: Cesaro 

cesaroThe Swiss superman has always been a personal favourite, who we here at JAI thought WWE were wasting his talents.

But in 2015 something incredible happened, Cesaro finally got the recognition he deserved.

A great run as the tag team champions with Tyson Kidd – god did those two vibe off each other – and then his incredible matches against John Cena for the US title, not to mention against Kevin Owens and Neville in the run in.

The only reason the king of swing is not higher up this list is because just as he was building his momentum he unfortunately got injured.

Here’s to hope the Cesaro section stays strong and we finally see a big push for Cesaro in 2016.

5: Zack Sabre Jnr 

zackNow I know this may seem like a bit of a controversial to have so low on our list, but here us out.

Yes Zack is probably the best technical wrestler in the business at the moment, and yes he had an incredible 2015, but for us here at JAI we have just enjoyed watching other wrestlers that little bit more.

Don’t get me wrong Zach can tell a story with a thousand holds, and his matches Tommaso Ciampa were nothing short of phenomenal.

That being said there is something in Zack’s character which we just don’t fully invest in.

That being said winning this year’s Battle of Los Angles was pretty damn good.

4: Marty Scurll 

Marty Villain

Marty has been hands down one of the most consistent performs in the whole industry this year.

What makes the Villain’s rise even better is his complete transformation in character creating a real mean streak.

I have been fortunate enough to see Marty live on several occasions and I can safely say every single match has been incredible.

Another Battle of Los Angles competitor, but it has been his matches with Progress wrestling which have really made the Villain stand out, in particular the Thunderbastard match at Chapter 20.

Scurll has finally been granted a shot at the Progress title, so here is hoping that 2016 is the year of the Villain.

3: Seth Rollins 

curb-1429611359  In 2015 he was ‘The Man’.

Everything he touched seemed to turn to gold, and it is such a shame that Seth Rollins couldn’t close out the year.

From selling possibly the best RKO we have ever seen, to cashing in money in the bank at Wrestlemania, Rollins truly did it all.

Ok he may have used some under handed tactics along the way, but you cannot dispute the talent of the man, not just in the ring but on the mix as well.

The self proclaimed future of the WWE is exactly that for a reason, his is a wrestler built in the mould of what wrestling fans want to see, not another super Cena, and my god did he play the roll of a heel down to a tee.

Considering how over Rollins became, it will be interesting to see what direction his career takes once he is back from injury.

2: Will Ospreay 

Ospreay The Progress wrestling champion has been described as a wrestler that just does a lot of flips.

But there is so much more to Will Ospreay than just fancy high flying manoeuvres.

Ospreay has so much heart and you can see the passion ooze out of him every time he steps inside the ring.

His match against Jimmy Havoc at Chapter 20 literally the most on edge I have ever been during a wrestling match in a very long time, not to mention some of the most ridiculous spots we have seen in when he faced off against Mark Andrews, both at Battle of Los Angles and at Chapter 23.

Ospreay has been a fighting champion both in Progress and Rev Pro and long may this continue.

1: Kevin Owens 


No one has made more of an impact in 2015 than Kevin Owens.

Announcing his debut in NXT with a malicious attack on the companies darling Sami Zayn, beating John Cena in his first ever main roster match, winning both the NXT title and Intercontinental belt in the space of a few month.

Yes Kevin Owens really has been the best superstar in 2015.

He is easily the best heel in the WWE at the moment, his work on the mic is sensational and despite his build the guy can go in the ring.

It is only a matter of time before Owens is pushed into the main event picture and the indie fans will lose their shit when KO becomes the new WWE World Heavyweight champion.


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