How much would it cost to rescue Matt Damon

Matt damon

It has sort of become a running joke in Hollywood that Matt Damon needs rescuing in a number of his blockbuster films.

So this poses the question, how much would it cost to save Matt Damon?

Well worry know more as one Quora user has estimated it would take $900bn to rescue Damon from all the tricky situations he gets himself into.

Kynan Eng, came up with a break down based on the 2015 currency of Damon’s ‘extended’ business trips. 

damon 2Here is his break down:

Courage Under Fire, Gulf War I helicopter rescue – $300K

Saving Private Ryan, World War II Europe search party – $100K

Titan A.E, Earth evacuation spaceship – $200m

Syriana, Middle East private security return flight – $50K

Green Zone, US Army transport from Middle East – $50K

Elysium, space station security deployment and damages – $100m

Interstellar, Interstellar spaceship – $500bn

The Martian, Mars mission – $200bn

The total budget for the above movies was $729 million, just 0.1 per cent of the “real” cost of actually sending Damon on the trips.



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