INTERVIEW: Dahlia Black


With women’s wrestling really coming into its own in the past few years, competition for the top places in the top brands is really starting to heat up.
So when Dahlia Black decided to take the plunge and move 11,616 miles from New Zealand to the UK, you could say it was a statement of intent.
As one half of the South Pacific Power Couple, Dahlia has already made an impact as one of the fastest rising female wrestlers at Progress Wrestling.
Just an Insight caught up with the fiery Kiwi to talk about coming to the UK, chasing the Progress tag shields, having one eye on the WWE and already claiming to do something you will never see the London Riots do, as she gets set to embark of a busy 2016.
After establishing herself in her native New Zealand, Dahlia found opportunities were limited and that she needed to look further a field to progress her career.

Submission.jpg-large‘Me and my partner, TK Cooper both decided it was time to broaden our horizon,’ said Black.
‘We felt that the UK scene was very much on the rise and we had been watching a lot of Progress Wresting online, we felt that we could really make a name for ourselves and put us on the map.
‘Moving countries has been hard, but it has really paid off in terms of expanding our knowledge and abilities.
‘The competition in the UK is extensive when it comes to female wrestlers, so much more than back home, so I need to work ten times as hard to make myself stand out.’

As a couple, Dahlia and TK Cooper are a lot more than just boyfriend and girlfriend, they are the South Pacific Power Couple.
Having both debuted in the UK at PTNTL:2, the pair made an instant impact and in a short time have already found a place in the hearts of the Progress faithful.

‘The concept of tagging as a couple only arose when we made the big decision to move,’ added Black.
‘We needed to find something to make sure both of us stood out which was more than just ‘being from NZ’ we felt too many people pull the foreigner card.
‘We only had each other when we first moved here and of course we wanted to be booked on the same shows, so we decided that forming a tag team which revolved around our love for each other as well as our love for wrestling would keep us together.
‘There is also an immediate novelty due to the fact we are an established inter gender tag team.
‘Our ‘kiss tags’ are one of the many things we do to cement the fact that we are an intimate tag team and something that we can claim as our own since you won’t be seeing the London Riots or any other tag team doing it.’

SPPCHaving established herself as a singles competitor in New Zealand and Australia, Dahlia is enjoying her latest venture into the world of tag team wrestling.
But Black doesn’t think this is going to limit her opportunities in the wrestling world, instead it will broaden her horizons.

She continues:’I’ve done more singles than tag matches, but I must say tagging is just so much fun, and being able to share that experience with TK is just so special.
‘There is something really satisfying about working as a team.
‘That being said, I do wish to continue singles competition as much as I can as well as tag.
‘There are more opportunities that way! I’ve got quite a few people on my “would-like-to-wrestle” list that I need to tick off.
‘For now, our main goals are debuting on a chapter show then chasing the Progress tag shields, we have a massive point to prove and nothing would drill that in harder than making it to the top of the tag division.’


Despite enjoying being part of a tag team, Dahlia is glad to be part of a women’s division which is growing everyday.
However, she believes women should not be restricted to just wrestling other women, and that inter gender wrestling could be the way for the industry to really move forward.
‘Female wrestling is definitely receiving a lot more recognition than it did a few years back,’ adds Black.
‘Though I don’t believe that females should be confined to just wrestling amongst themselves.
‘Inter gender wrestling is something I’ve always enjoyed and can really immerse myself with now that TK and I are chasing the tag team gold.
‘There will always be people, however, who don’t rate female wrestling, just as there are people who don’t rate wrestling in general, but we can’t please everyone so we just have to ignore that negativity which can sometimes pop up from time to time.’

-QY2A1156 copy.jpgEven though Dahlia may be a young fresh talent, she knows what she wants, and that is world domination.
After she has conquered the UK, she plans to head back to Australia, wrestle in Japan and who knows maybe one day the WWE.

She said: ‘Long term plans are a bit blurry at the moment, the only thing we have really figured out is where we want to go after our visas run out here.
‘We are thinking about moving to Melbourne for a short while then moving to Japan to scope out the scene there.
‘But for now myself and TK only have to focus on the next year and a half and how to make the most of our time in Europe.
‘Of course the WWE is something I would always be aiming for but for now I’m just focusing on conquering one continent at a time, then then I can focus on the big leagues.’


Dahlia’s first step to reaching that goal of the WWE starts at Endvr 14, where she faces off against Pollyanna one-on-one.

To keep up to date with all of Dahlia’s activities like her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.




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