FILM REVIEW: Moneyball

‘It is hard not to be romantic about baseball’ says Billy Beane as his Oakland A’s team just complete a 20 game winning streak, something which is unprecedented in the world of baseball.

But it wasn’t an easy journey to get their. Moneyball follows the story of New York Mets flop Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) who is in charge of mediocre Oakland Athletics whose three star players have all just left the club.

On a shoe string budget Beane tries to rebuild his team, enter 24 year-old Peter Brand (Jonah Hill) who has a different perspective on how to win ball games.

He believes to build a winning team isn’t necessarily made up of individual stars but of a combination of certain talents who together add up to runs.

So the unlikely pair of Beane and Brand start to put the pieces together with their band of misfits, but the real story is the chemistry between Hill and Pitt.

MoneyballTrailer03The pair bring to life the unlikely pairing of a economics Yale graduate and a retired ball player who wants to have one last shot at glory. What makes their relationship so special is the complete faith Beane has in Brands method of statistics and doesn’t even question the new unknown addition to his staff.

With any sport based film, the audience wants to feel part of the action and get caught up in the emotion of the game, and Moneyball pulls this off perfectly, as Beane’s theory weavers at the beginning.

But as the wins start to stack up the adrenaline starts to pump and as they record-breaking 20th win looks like it is about to slip away your heart is in your mouth, until Scott Hatteberg (Chris Pratt) hits the winning run.

Moneyball-filmA two hour film about baseball may not exactly make for the most gripping a technical cinematic experience, but what director Bennett Miller does do is create a great depiction of how the modern game has changed thanks to Beane and Brands methods.

Pitt gives a a cracking performance but it is Hill’s nerdy Brand we brings things full circle and makes his highly strung GM just realise what he has achieved and how good he is.





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