ROUND-UP: NXT Takeover London


I think Triple H summed it up perfectly, NXT is ‘our’ brand. For the last two / three years, the WWE’s developmental playground has been arguably the superior brand.

So it only be fitting that the first legitimate PPV to grace the UK shore’s in years would be one in which the UK fans have been dribbling over, much to the dismay to the fans back in the States who had to deal with an early start for once.

Even before Asuka and Emma stepped foot in the ring to kick things off, the crowd inside a sold out Wembley Arena.

When things did get under way it was the striking of NXT’s latest Japanese import which grabbed the attention of the crowd, but credit where credit is due with Emma playing the part of Villain perfectly, looking to get the victory cheaply thanks to the assistance of Dana Brooke.asuka

However, it was the spinning round house after Brooke had been sent to the back that allowed Asuka to pick up the three count.

When the realest guys in the room (HOW YOU DOIN?) Enzo and Cass walked into the arena the roof nearly exploded, with the crowd screamed back every word of the duos iconic entrance.

In their pursuit of the NXT tag team championship, Dash and Dawson stood in their way.


Enzo Amore flies off the top rope 

With Enzo and Cass and the Mechanics maybe producing the match of the night (In my view easily), again the crowd was going absolutely crazy – a personal favourite chant ‘Are you Dawson or are you Dash?’  -but it was the bumps of Enzo, the increasingly impressive team work of Dash and Dawson, which got Wembley to their feet.

And when Enzo flew off the top it looked like the pairs long quest for the gold had finally been realised, only to be pulled out the ring, before going to the well one to many times and the Mechanics managed to retain the belts.

Now for all the shit he gets, I am a Baron Corbin fan. I like that he doesn’t give a shit and he is just out for himself. So Corbin facing off against the ever athletic Apollo Crews had the billing to be a pretty entertaining match.

However, with such a stacked card this ended up being probably the weakest match of the night.

corbinFor two guys who are clearly going to have very bright futures that is a harsh thing to say, and I think Corbin got some unfair heat from the crowd – but to his credit he lapped it up and looked like a killer heel for the first time in a long time.

Crews showed why in such a short-time he has been pushed to the moon at NXT, but it was the End of Days, which seems to have put the Lone Wolf in pole position for an NXT title shot.

Another huge crowd reaction for the NXT Women’s champion Bayley as she approached the ring to defend her title against Nia Jax.

NiaOk the match may not be a match of the year contender, but it did great things for both characters in the storytelling stakes.

Jax just absolutely obliterating fan favourite Bayley, it made her look out to be the monster NXT want her to be and the huggable one ever the underdog making Jax tap out to retain.

The main event was a fight that not just the UK fans, not just WWE fans, but wrestling fans around the world had been dying to see.

Finn Balor v Samoa Joe was nothing short of a war, these two put everything on the line, from the stare down to Balor’s Jack the Ripper entrance the atmosphere was electric.

These guys pulled out all their best moved and were constantly trying to one up each other, with Joe flying over the top rope and Balor following suit.

It was a back and forth battle, which was too close to call, and twice Joe threatened to hit the muscle buster, but it was on the top rope when and Joe looked to execute his signature move, that we seemed to have a title change on the cards.

But Balor hitting the coup de grace saw Balor remain the top dog in NXT.


With such a high profile show getting a great reception in the UK and the performers clearly loving every minute of it, how long before we have a main stay PPV on our shores?




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