Glassjaw announce first full length in 13 years


It has been thirteen long years since Long Island’s post-hardcore darlings have released a full length record.

Now Glassjaw have returned with news that the band will be releasing a follow up record to the hugely critically acclaimed Worship and Tribute.

When Daryl Palumbo and his crew broke onto the scene, they had music fans like putty in their hands.

But with Palumbo’s ongoing issues with Crohn’s Disease and various side projects, the emotional train of Long Island’s finest came to a very premature stop.

With several false start, member departures, label issues and speculation dating back to 2006, the elusive third album never seemed to come.

Now thirteen years since our ears first heard that gritty riff of ‘Tip Your Bartender’ Glassjaw return with ‘New White Extremity’ 



However, there is no name of the new record, no release date, no record label attached to it, but for the time being it is something.

Keep your eyes peeled for more news on Glassjaw’s third album.




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