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As one of the UK’s only luchador wrestlers, The Mexican Sensation El Ligero has travelled up and down the country, holding several titles along the way.
So who better to give an insight into the change of the British wrestling scene, than one of its most dedicated wrestlers.
Just an Insight managed to grab El Ligero on a rare moment of down time to talk about chasing titles, turning heel and helping the next generation step into the ring.

‘My aim recently was to get the Southside Speed King Championship back and I succeeded in doing that,” said England’s favourite luchador.
‘To me, wrestling is wrestling. So whether I’m wrestling in a packed York Hall for TNA, or if I’m in front of 20 people in Tang Hall, York, I’ll find positives in it.
‘I’m happy working anywhere.’

El l Starting out in 2002, El Ligero has seen how the British wrestling scene has evolved from the inside out, and he believes that social media has had a huge part to play in the way the public now access the wrestling world.
He said that all the different promotions around the country have discovered a way to tap into a new audience.

He said: ‘These days, with social media being so prominent and important, UK wrestling gets so much more coverage, and deservedly so, both online and in print.
‘Back in 2002, when I started, there were only a handful of guys that actually looked like professional athletes and for the first few years of my career that was very much the case.
‘Nowadays, so many people have raised the bar as to how they look, from improving their physiques to vastly improved gear.’

During those 13 years of in ring action, El Ligero has faced some of the best in the industries from all over the world.
However, there is one feud that stands out as the pinnacle of his career.
A feud which stretched the best part of three years against Martin Kirby really put both competitors on the map.

‘Southside wrestling didn’t actually want the feud to last as long as it did, but we just saw so much mileage in it and we knew we could build it into something special.
‘Kirby and I have known each other for years and we’ve always had really good chemistry.
‘He’s just so smart and knows what works, so when we put our heads together, so many great ideas were spawned and I really liked how the feud enveloped other people as well to keep it ticking along, which ended up being catalysts for future feuds, which is exactly how story lines should work.’

Having held more than 30 championships in his illustrious career, the former Progress champion says he can’t pin-point one as being the highest achievement.
However, says the London based promotion has a soft spot in his heart as they are pushing the standards in the UK scene.
Even pushing the ultimate babyface luchador to his limit and turning him heel.

el-ligeroHe said: ‘Progress is something special.
‘Progress is one of the few places that I feel very real pressure, as the expectations are so high, and it’s a challenge.
‘I’ve been the perennial babyface everywhere for years, and being heel is a totally different thing for me.
‘I’m still finding my feet with it and it’s still tough at times, especially with the limitations of not being able to promo/talk to earn that hatred from the crowd.
‘But actions speak louder than words, and that’s the side I’m attempting to focus on.’

As the luchador now turns one eye to helping train the next generation of wrestlers come through, he still has dreams of wrestling in Japan and just enjoying his wrestling.
There is one thing which rings true with El Ligero, if you book him, he will come.
So does this not put a strain on his love to the industry.
‘Not in the slightest,’ he adds.
‘Getting out of the ring and jumping straight into the car whilst still in gear to another show can be fun.
‘I love wrestling more than anything, so there’s never been a strain on my dedication to it.

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