INTERVIEW: Pastor William Eaver


With the good lord guiding him, Pastor William Eaver will not stop until he reaches the top. If he has to beat every single heathen in the Progress locker room to get their then so be it.
Having only been wrestling professionally for a few years, the Pastor believes that God has set him on this path and he will continue to educate his opponents in the ways of the bible to achieve his goal.
Just an Insight caught up with William Eaver as he attempts to make everyone in the world of wresting a BillEaver of him.

He said: ‘My main ambition is to get to the WWE.
‘To have such a major stage to promote the lords message is where I need to be, but I know that will be no easy feat.
‘But we will shall see if this is the path that he has chosen for me.’

praise The Pastor is a graduate of the highly acclaimed Projo which has seen people like Jack Sexsmith and Roy Johnson come through the ranks.
But it appears that with higher powers on his side, Eaver has made a real impact on the Progress chapter shows, with big matches against the likes of Stixx and Noam Dar.
‘My continued faith in the good lord keeps me on the righteous path and yes perhaps the win over Noam has strengthened my in ring confidence,’ added Eaver.
‘But I must remain humble and focus on making heathens BillEave.

‘It was a big step up for me, when I took part in my first singles match on a Progress chapter show, as well as facing off against a veteran in Stixx.
‘Even with God on my side, I still knew that I needed to give it everything, and I did, and it paid off.’

As well as reaching the top of the wrestling industry, the Pastor has the added burden of trying to convert the masses to the ways of God along the way.
With as he says ‘so many heathens’ in the Progress crowds, he is focused on the task in hand, especially when confronted by a field full of them at Download Festival.
Eaver said he is set to rid the wrestling world of its unholy darkness.

He said: ‘When I step into the ring with those who do not believe in the good lord, I will strike them down with my clothesline from Heaven and make them see the light of God shines through me.
‘I intend to guide the legions of Progress Brethen and Sistern at shows and on demand, towards the good book by putting on great contests and giving them something to BillEave in.’

backWith the legions slowly starting to become the converted, it will not be long until wrestling’s guiding light ascends to the heights of Heaven.
And who knows he could be on his way to become the next Progress champion,and we BillEave it will happen sooner rather than later.

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