INTERVIEW: Black Breath


After taking time off while their drummer Jamie Byrum recovered from being hit by a car, Black Breath are back with a bang.
With new record Slaves Beyond Death now out into the world, the band has quickly re-established themselves as one of the heaviest bands in the world.

After Sentenced to Death Black Breath really had momentum behind them, but with the untimely break there was always a worry the band would disappear into oblivion.
However, they stuck around and are back harder, heavier, stronger. Just An Insight caught up with vocalist Neil McAdams after the release of the bands third album.

Black Breath live

Black Breath live

‘The whole thing with Jamie was pretty scary,’ he said.
‘The band just took time off, Jamie getting better was the number one priority.
‘ A band is a band, it can chill for a minute.

‘We talked about Jamie playing guitar for a bit, but finding a drummer that can pull off the shit he’s doing is becoming increasingly difficult.
‘Now we are a full unit again we are unstoppable.’

With the the third album under their belt, Black Breath has stepped into a darker heavier direction.
And it is something that Neil said that band has wanted to attempt for a while but hasn’t been achieved until now.

However, don’t think this means gone are the killer riff’s from Heavy Breathing and Sentenced to Death, think of it more as a lethal injection of evil.

‘It is undeniably a different kind of record from what we’ve ever done before,’ added Neil.
‘When listening to the album we want people to feel like they are being gutted slowly while you are force fed your own organs as a maniac laughs and drools.
‘We just wanted to create a seriously dark piece of art.’

With a three year gap between albums there was always a worry for the band that people would forget about.
But for Black Breath it was just a matter of getting their musical heads together and writing the new record ready for when Jamie was fit and healthy again.
After almost 10 years of being a band, it take a lot more than a few years off for them to go stale.

Neil said: ‘We’re all pretty busy most of the time and we chip away at the whole thing when we can before or after work.
‘We will have been a band for 10 years in November, in that time we’ve gotten better at our instruments, we’re always trying to push the envelope and try new things.
Black-Breath-2-550x366‘You’re never going to get better if you don’t fuck around with shit you’re not used to.
‘I think the Internet has eroded people’s attentions spans to a point of absurdity.
‘Sometimes you have to wait for things, it makes you appreciate it that much more.’
The the new record is already getting great feedback and with the band on the road again, Neil has already teased that it may not be long until we see Black Breath on UK shores once more.
This is hopefully before the world ends accroding to the vocalists.
He adds: ‘The world is dying. We are all fucked. It’s time to party. Good luck out there.’

You can hear Slaves Beyond Death here


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