LIVE REVIEW: Full of Hell @ The Hope & Ruin, Brighton, 23rd September 2015

Full of Hell

On a night where blast beats were a plenty, one thing was guaranteed, ear plugs would be a must as Ocean City,Maryland’s Full of Hell rolled into town during their European tour.

For a Tuesday night the Hope & Ruin in Brighton was jam packed wanting to get a glimpse of this juggernaut of a band from across the pond.

Before the main event there was the small issue of some of the UK’s finest smashing through my ear drums.

Starting the night off was Leeds very own sons of Grindcore, Famine 

Famine live

Famine live

Having previously seen this fast paced band as a two-piece it was a little bit strange to see them with vocalist, allowing their guitarist to put all his focus into shredding his six strings.

However, for my personal taste I think I preferred the band as a duo.

This is taking nothing away from how talented they are as musicians – their drummer is one of the tightest blasters I have seen in a long time – but I don’t feel the addition of a separate vocalist does anything they couldn’t have achieved as a two-piece.

This being said their set was still thoroughly enjoyable, and despite a broken string, went off without a hitch, making it clear why many people up-and-down the country singing their praises.

Following shortly after were the band I was most excited about apart from the headliners, Dawn Ray’d.

Dawn Ray'd

Dawn Ray’d

Having seen them for the past two days in different venues, I knew what to expect yet still was as excited as the first time I saw them.

Despite having only been a band for a short period of time they are ridiculously well polished.

Combining black metal vocals and blast beats, with the political, emotive lyrics of a screamo band, Dawn Ray’d really do tick all the boxes.

Even getting a call from the crowd of ‘You’re killing it’, no words were ever spoke truer, as the band seamlessly transitioned through their set, and gaining a room full of new fans.

After being left completely gob-smacked the presence of Throats stepping onto the stage was a little underwhelming.

Since they reform I have personally not really cared for the Londoners return to the DIY scene.

Having once claimed the crown of the UK’s answer to Converge, now the four-piece just seem to be in it for the showmanship.

Sound wise it was just really messy, which I get they are going for, but there is only so much you can listen to without defined riffs.

What really killed it for me was when their bassist gestured cutting his throat with his thumb, it just put me off what little distinction I could make out.

To their credit, Throats still know how to get a crowd going as this was the first time we saw a pit break out, but for me the band really need to pull something out if their comeback is going to have any longevity to it.

It was then time for the main event, and as Full of Hell flew into their full throttle all bets were off.

This band never fails to impress and when ever the enter a room their vocalist just captivates a room, you can’t take your eyes off him.

With a vocal range that a man of his stature should not have, is incredible.

Accompanied by killer riffs and a drummer that may as well be a drum machine, Full of Hell may be the most complete fast band.

Something that the band has added to its arsenal is the addition of more noise, something they have always toyed with.

Now it is a prominent fixture and it really does create a new level to the four-pieces sound.

By the end of their set bodies were flying from side-to-side as Full of Hell reached top gear.

Even though the genre of music on display tonight may not shout happiness, you would be hard pushed not to find a person leaving the Hope & Ruin that was not a happy customer.


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