Even though he may have only been in the industry for three years, DCT has made quick work of marking an impact on UK wrestling.
Rising up the ranks of ICW, the International Sex Hero is a very focused and confident man, and that focus is firmly on the Zero G title.
Having already had one shot at Stevie Boys title, DCT said he isn’t going to make the same mistake twice when he comes face-to-face with the reigning Zero G champion and Lewis Girvan at Spacebaws, on September 20.
Just an Insight put in a call to DCT’s hotline 69-69-oh-oh-oh, to discuss his chase for the gold.

‘I want to re-invent the Zero G division,’ said DCT.

‘I’ve got a good couple of pounds on a lot of the people who are vying for the belt, so maybe it’s about time someone brought some much needed gravity to the belt.

‘When you see people like Noam Dar, Mark Coffey, Fergal Devitt and Mike Whiplash as former champions you know that it needs a special kind of person to hold that belt.

DCT takes on Grado

DCT takes on Grado

‘And I am definitely that kinda man.

‘In some ways the Zero G title is the most important championship in ICW

‘It pinpoints who is going to be on top in the business for the next five years.’

DCT’s rapid rise has been helped in part by joining the infamous Polo Promotions, the franchise sports brand of ICW.
And the Glaswegian is the first to admit that joining forces with Mark Coffey, Jackie Polo and Coach has elevated his career a lot quicker than expected.
‘Being with those guys has meant that I have really had to up my game,’ adds DCT.

‘For some reason the fans like us, I don’t know why as we aren’t very nice people.

‘I mean I love to cheat in matches, like really love it, yet we still get a really strong reaction from the crowd.

‘Polo Promotions is a franchise brand, we are going to be the Manchester United of professional wrestling.

‘It’s great because when we walk into a room people take note, and you know Polo Promotions has arrived.

‘What I love about being part of this group is that we are all so like minded, and there is no-one who stands out, we are all equals.

‘With Mark and Jackie as the tag team champions and me vying for the Zero G title, we want to put Polo Promotions on the map and hold as much gold as possible.’

Polo Promotions

Polo Promotions

Despite DCT’s image as the International Sex Hero, which he describes as himself turned all the way to 11.
He is now a spoken for man, but after his Wedding was rudely interrupted by the 55, the man renowned for chasing girls is angry that he never got his wedding night.

And the lucky lady herself, Viper, is also dying to get her hands on the 55.
‘An angry Viper, is a scary Viper,’ says DCT.

‘ICW management has tried to separate us from them and I am not willing to let it go.

‘The 55 didn’t have to ruin my wedding, I’m DCT I’m the international sex hero I didn’t get my wedding night, I need my wedding night.

‘Just as much as I am wanting to get my hands on the 55 so does Viper, so don’t be surprised if she is heavily involved.

‘During the ICW October tour I will hopefully have the Zero G title, and I will beckoning every single one of the 55 to have a go for it, because it would be bitter sweet if I can beat them all and retain the belt.’

It is clear that DCT is hot property in the world of ICW, but the man behind one of the finest moustaches in professional wrestling has big ambitions.
He wants to truly take the International Sex Hero global.
‘The only way I see my career going is up, up every card on more promotions, I want to be that world traveller,’ he adds confidently.

‘I want to be in Japan, I want to be in America, I want to be in Australia, whether that be in the big leagues or the indies, who knows.

‘I want to be winning all the titles. I am a reasonably confident man, but I have proven to be a man of my word.’

DCT and Viper

DCT and Viper

So with the world very much in his hands, a strong group of friends surrounding him and a beautiful woman on his arm, where does this leave the hotline?

‘The hotline is very much still open, just for more general life advice,’ DCT boasts.
‘But if people want advice on moves in the bedroom all they have to do is call 69-69-oh-oh-oh!!’

Keep up with everything the International Sex Hero is doing via social media:





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