ROUND-UP: Lucha Underground, July 29th 2015


Lucha Underground has quickly become the go to wrestling show that I watch on a regular basis, and this weeks episode was the start of the companies two week spectacular Ultima Lucha. The event that owner of the company Dario Cueto has said will be the biggest wrestling spectacle known to man.

And the opening bout did not disappoint. A rivalry that had been brewing for weeks, saw two of the companies big guys collide – literally.

Cage v The Mack was a falls count anywhere brawl that started before Mack could event descend the temple stairs as Cage blinded sided him with the fight breaking out among the believers. Right from the start the crowd inside the temple were fired up screaming chants of ‘Holy Shit’ and ‘This is awesome’.

As things looked like they were about to enter the ring, The Mack found a drinks cooler and smashed it off the side of Cages head, to discover so nice ice cold beers, smashing them together before delivering a Stunner which Cage kicked out of. the cover.

The Mack power-bombing Cage through a table off the apron

The Mack power-bombing Cage through a table off the apron

Mack looked to be in control as he the delivered a sit down power-bomb to the Machine, but once again Cage was about to persevere.

The fight then once again spilled back among the believers as the two opponents approached the roof of Dario Cueto’s office, which Cage suplexed the Mack onto.

You could tell the end was near and it soon would be for the Mack as Cage curb stomped his head through a cinder block to pick up the three count, in a match that didn’t even enter the ring.

If the believers weren’t already fired up, it wouldn’t take long for their next instalment of luchador madness, as the trio’s title’s were on the line.

Son of Havoc, Angelico and Ivelisse defended their belts against the Disciples of Death.

The fighting was fast and frantic and hard to keep up with the action, but the show reel of Son of Havoc and Angelico was once again in full effect, with the latter producing a double suicide dive early on,

Not to be out done by his team mate, Angelico found himself on top of the crows perch, and for the Australian daredevil there was only one option:

With all competitors down, the evil Catrina stepped into the ring holding aloft the mystical stone that seems to have powers over her Disciples.

As they raised from the floor, Ivelisse sneaked up behind Catrina to pounce on her. As the two scuffled, the stone came loose, which would lead to Ivelisse’s undoing, as Catrina would bash it over her head, for the Disciples to pick up the win and become the new Lucha Underground Trio’s Champions

Catrina gives Ivelisse the lick of death

Catrina gives Ivelisse the lick of death

Not before Catrina had the final say delivering the lick of death to Ivelisse.

Then came tonight’s main event. The Believers Backlash match between Drago and Hernandez, where fans surrounded the ring holding leather straps.

If one of the opponents came out of the right, fans were allowed to beat the hell out of them with the straps.

Even though Hernandez enjoyed the early dominance being the stronger, the moment he fell out of the ring he was on the retreat as the believers began whipping him.

There were flurries of in ring action, but it was only when Hernandez board-tossed Drago out into the believers and the action really picked up.

As Hernandez looked to perform a high flying manoeuvre of his own, when he came over the top rope, Drago spat Dragon’s mist in his eyes now the ball was firmly in the fans favourites; court as the whips began once more.

Hernandez boarder-tossing Drago out of the ring

Hernandez boarder-tossing Drago out of the ring

Once again Hernandez scurried to safety, only finding it under the ring, but when he re-emerged he was met by more whips and Drago sporting a pair of nunchuks.

As Hernandez lay helpless of a table, Drago took to the top rope to drive the big man through the table, he then got him back inside the ring for another splash and the 1,2,3.

Next week is the two hour conclusion of Ultima Lucha and it is one not to be missed.

See this weeks show here:


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